Saturday, September 12, 2009

Final Resting Place

I know my posts have a been a little somber the past week, and I apologize. I promise this will be the last Murphy-related post.

I got Murphy's ashes back on Thursday. They came in a cherrywood box with her name engraved on the top and a lock for the box. We are going to sprinkle some of her ashes with Jake's (our family dog who was put down in June) and the rest are going to stay in the box.

For now, I am going to keep the box on the window sill in the Great Room, because she loved to sit on the chair and look out the window.

Rest in Peace pretty girl. You can watch the birds all the time now.

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

um. tears.

But honestly, that spot is perfect.

bethany said...

Aw, girl, you write as many Murphy-related posts as you need to...apologies be darned. And I agree with Shannon, that looks like the absolute perfect spot.

Hope life brings you some much-needed cheer this week :)