Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

Ok, first things first- let's discuss New Moon.

I have to admitt this wasn't exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but I don't think anyone ever expected it to be. Twilight is like a car wreck; you don't know why you look, but just.. have to.

Anyway, I had tickets to the 12:03 am showing but first I met up with Connie and some of her work friends at Ruby Tuesdays for some drinks. After a couple rounds of $5 Cosmos we headed over to the theater. By the time the movie started I was half in the bag and yelling thinking inappropriate thoughts about underage boys while sitting next to a gaggle of 13 year-olds.

Anyone want me to baby-sit their kids? I'm an awesome role model.

Moving on...

My Saturday afternoon falls under the category of "Epic Fail". We had been invitied to a "Thanksgiving with Friends" at 5, and beforehand I wanted to head over to Shannanigan's place around 3 to drop off a peice of furniture I had rehabbed for her. We had to stop at the beer place first, so we needed to leave Falconhead by 2. For the dinner party I wanted to make a carrot casserole my cousin Annette makes so around 12:30 I decided I should probably start working on it. So if you are following along I have about an hour and a half before I have to leave the house- and this doesn't include I still need to shower, dress, make up, hair, general beautify.

So as I peel the carrots, JEGs is cutting them and we start to boil the two pounds worth of carrots. I start to read the reciepe (I only skimmed it before) and realize that not only do we have to point these carrots, we have to let them gel in the fridge for 3-4 hours before baking them for 45 mintues.

Umm. We don't have enough time for this. We call our hostess quickly and she says, just bring the carrots- someone will eat them. So ladies and gents, I present to you two pounds of overcooked carrots.

Oh, and what time did we finally get out the door? 2:30. Awesome.

We run to the beer distributor, grab some beer and head to Shannons to drop off the furniture. I would love to show you a before and after but I did not take any pictures of the final product. Not one. single. picture. Again- fail for LB.

We stop at JEGs parents for a hot minute and head over to Mandy's for our feast. I have to say, I was quite impressed with Mandy's homemaking abilities- there was quite the spread of food! Not only did she cook a 14lb turkey for us, but she made appetizers, stuffing, some cheesey pit thing, and other goodies!

Andy carves the bird

breaking bread together

Mike is a leg man...

Evidently I was right on trend with black stockings as both Mandy and Bonnie were both wearing them as well!

the boys.

Included with our group were two adorable little kids, Sammy and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn was carrying around a ladybug all day and she let me hold it. I felt really honored. What can I say? Kids like me.

And of course it's not a party until we cover Mike's head with someone else's hair.

All in all it was an awesome party, and we were S.T.U.F.F.E.D. All the food was delish and the company was pretty kick ass too.
Sunday was spent chillaxing in the apt all day and cleaning while JEGs ran to my parents to fix Daddy-O's Highlander.
Oh weekends, why must you only be two days? :(
So how about you guys? Any fun activites over the weekend??

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

sounds like a might fine weekend, it was good seeing you this weekend too, even if was only for like 10 minutes. and honestly? i LOVE overcooked carrots, like in stews? when they're all mushy? delish. totally serious.

oh and did you take any before pics of the sink? i totally forgot to! At least I can take afters and send them to you.

But call me Carrie. said...

Holy crap I LOVE cooked carrots. I think that recipe sounds perfect...simple and delicious.