Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pregnancy: Weeks 26 & 27

My Stats:
 *Weight gained: 17 lbs
 *Waistline is about 39 inches. 

The Monster's Stats:
*Our little Goliath weighs roughly 2 lbs
*No longer are we measuring from crown to rump.  Oh no no, we are a big boy now and we get measured from head to toe-- which is about 15 inches.  They grow up so fast.  He'll be driving before we know it.
*He is starting to have distinct sleeping cycles-- which if this is any indication of what he'll be like when he is birthed, he likes the night life, baby.  He has also started to open his eyes. I wonder if seeing the same thing over and over again is boring;  "Oooo, amniotic fluid.. again.  Woot wooot".  I wish I could at least give him a magazine to flip through.

Pregnancy Fun Facts:
Move over second trimester, the third tri (or as I like to call it, three squared) is here to stay-- at least till baby comes out.

Concentrating is kind of hard.  I'll start telling a story and then I'll loose my train of...
:::blank stare:::
Uhh, what was I saying?

I am in hardcore nesting mode. I want to paint and organize everything in my house (which is good considering all the work that needs to be done).

Energy Levels/Sleep:
Last week I had a problem with night sweats.  I had the AC blasting, a fan blowing on me, and my lightest PJ's on and I kept waking up dripping sweat.  The little guy also keeps me awake with kicking, but I think I have figured out around 1:30 am he chills the eff out and goes to sleep.  I have to say, I do have a lot of energy for as little sleep as I have been getting.

Chocolate milk-- I cannot get enough of it.  Especially Wawa's delicious bottles of happiness that only cost $1.15.  It doesn't help there is a Wawa less then a mile from my office.  That I have to pass on the way home.  The midnight crew may or may not know me by name.

Mood Swings:
Finally made it through a week without bursting into tears.  Booyaaaah.

Other Stuff:
Your self image is a verrrry tricky thing when you are pregnant.  One day I love rocking my bump in anything I wear, and the next day I feel like an amorphous blob.  I don't feel fat, I just don't feel... cute.

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, who is also pregnant, about the weight gain.  Although I am obviously supposed to be gaining weight, as someone who has struggled with their weight for a good portion of  their life, sometimes it is a little hard to step on that scale and see a number that you promised yourself you would never go back to.  I mean I am a rational person who knows that this comes a long with pregnancy, but there is still that tiny voice in the back that goes "AHHHHHHHH!!" every time I step on a scale.

I promise you guys that I'm not saying this to fish for compliments-- I'm not looking for the "OMG you look sooooo cute" to boost my ego-- I'm just trying to talk about the stuff that I am experiencing that I haven't read on other blogs.  Maybe the cheese stands alone, maybe there are other women out there going "yeah, I totally get you".  I don't know.  This is just me.

Anyway, I think we have our list of names narrowed down to four, and I have my very clear front runner.  My father wants us to name him Ebenezer.  Sorry Daddy-O, that ain't happening. ;)

Always & Forever,

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Freckles Chick said...

Bwahahaha @ "Oooh, amniotic fluid....again." Loves you!

Our little one really kicks up a storm at night too!! Does this mean ours are going to be up all night babies?! Oh sweet jeebus that's going to be........ Mmmm, chocolate milk.......sorry, where was I??