Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mood Board: Baby's Room

Since announcing my pregnancy, one of the biggest questions I have been asked is how I plan to decorate the baby's room. A lot of people have asked if I will keep with the Dr. Seuss theme from the previous owner's nursery:

Here is the thing:  we aren't going to use that room for the nursery-- we actually plan to put the baby in our walk-in closet.  We talked about it, and we need that bigger room for storage/guest room more then we need a walk-in closet.  Although it saddens my heart to not have that beautiful closet anymore, you sacrifice for family ;)

With that being said, I created a mood board for the little monster's room:

1. I am going with my signature bold color palette.  This is a little room, so I need to make an big impact in small ways!  The walls will go light and neutral with Valspar's Cincinnatian Hotel Hannford.  I would like to pop in bold colors like teal, green and orange with my accessories and fabrics.

2. This bedding has become my inspiration for the room.  I love the modern, simplistic and gender neutral look-- I also have a thing for owls (maybe because it was my high school mascot).  However, it's cah-ray-zee expensive, and not available at Target, or Babies R Us.  To be honest, I didn't want to get a whole set anyway-- I don't love the matchy-matchy look and I will never use the blanket.

3. Since the walls are neutral, I thought a great way to bring some major and not-so-permanent impact into the room was through this fantastic wall art.  The tree mimics the pattern in the bedding, and how much do you love that tire swing?  Doesn't it just scream 'little boy's room'?  Also, since the tree is nearly 6 ft tall, it could totally double as a growth chart. 

4.  I am obsessed with Jenny Lind cribs, and I love the dark cherry finish.  This is a small room, and one of those big honkin' convertible cribs (like the one the previous owners had) would be waaay too much for this itty bitty room.

5. If I can't have an owl in my bedding, dammit, I am going to have an owl lamp.  This little guy from Target is such a fantastic price, I cannot pass it up!  I am not in love with the black shade, but that can easily be switched out.  I also think this could be switched up and placed in another room down the road.  How fun and whimsical would it look sitting in an office or guest room??

6.  I am slightly on the fence about these curtains.  On one hand, the clearly continue the theme of the room, but on the other hand, I don't know if they start toeing the line of getting too "themey", you know?  I got back and forth about just having sheers instead.  Thoughts?  And yes, they are totally the same curtains Sarah Richardson used in her nursery.

Alright, I've got under 100 days.  I should probably get cracking!

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

100 days? WOW!

Love the room board. Especially the colors and that owl lamp. Just love it. As for the curtains, I'd try to get everything else in there and see if you need some more color. That could go either way, in my mind.

Sarah Kelly said...

I love the owl theme! so cute :)

I was Googling "sangria flowers" and came across this post of yours:

What kinds of flowers are these? My bridesmaids' dresses are this color and I'm having such a hard time finding flowers that match it!

Freckles Chick said...

I LOVE your baby boy's moodboard. Blame it on my preggo hormones but I can just see how happy he'd be in such a darling space. Oh bejeezus, I'm weepy already.

I too am obsessed w/ Jenny Lind cribs!! Even before I got knocked up, is that weird. Our nursery is small as well & I think the classic, vintage look of the J Lind Da Vinci is perfect for nurseries like ours.

Can't wait to see the room!