Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pregnancy: Weeks 24 & 25

My Stats:
 *Weight gain is about 12 pounds
 * Waistline is 38 inches (an inch and a half more then last time)

The Monster's Stats:
 * He gained a quarter of a pound in a week and now weights about 1.5 lbs.
 * He is about 8.5 inches from crown to rump
 * His skin had taken on a pinkish hue now that's he is fattening up.  And like a good Italian mother, I plan on keeping him fat by eating all the marinara sauce I can.
 * He is learning to distinguish between right side up and upside down.  However, that does not stop him from continuing to kick the ever lovin' crap out of me.
 * This week, we have entered the world of the eggplant on the Fruit-O-Meter

Pregnancy Fun Facts:
  I think I am finally starting to look pregnant, and not just chunky.  My belly has started to take on a rounder shape.

  Sitting lady-like is not an option anymore; I cannot cross my leg over my knee.  Actually, just keeping my legs closed is work.

  Remember last week when I talked about gas bubbles that made me bail on my friends birthday party?  Yeah, that's not what I had;  I had kidney stones.  Lorda mighty, I would not wish that pain on anyone.  On May 31st, I began to feel a little pain in my back and side around 9:00 pm.  Thinking it was gas bubbles again, I took some Tums and drank some soda to help myself burp.  When I got out of work around 11:30 the pain wasn't any better.  I decided that if it still hurt when I got home, I would wake up JEGs and have him take me to the hospital.

Well, I didn't quite make it home.  About half way there, I pulled into the first hospital I could find.   I called JEGs and he met me there as soon as he could.  Unfortunately, they did not have a Maternity Ward or OBGYN on staff, so there wasn't much they could do for me.  They shot me in the ass with morphine and sent me off to my OB at my hospital.  JEGs and I arrived at around 2 am, and they admitted me right away.

We spent the next 20some hours in the hospital monitoring the little monster and shooting me up with morphine whenever the pain came on, hoping I would pass the stone.  After I was morphine free for a couple hours with no pain, they released me with a prescription for Percocet and strict orders to drink A LOT of water.  The next week was filled with me spontaneously collapsing in pain and reaching for a perc until I finally passed the stone on June 7th.

The cause of my kidney stones?  Other then the fact that they are common in pregnant woman, it seems it was due to two days in a row spending hours in a 120+ degree helicopter (dehydration) and the calcium build up from the excessive amount of Tums I had been taking because I thought I had gas bubbles.  Oh the irony.

Energy Levels/ Sleep:
 Once I was able to pass the stone, I finally felt like I was back to my old self.  I finally had energy to get work done around the house and spend time with people.  Sleep is a little spotty.  There are some nights I can get my REM sleep on, and other nights where I will wake up at 3 am because the lil guy is kicking boxing my spleen.

Mood Swings:
  I cried in the Giant today because I couldn't remember if JEGs liked the bologna with the red writing or blue writing on the package.  Let's just leave it at that.

Other Stuff:
  We took another pass at Babies R Us a couple weekends ago.  We zapped a high chair, a swing and a bassinet and walked out feeling victorious.  I have been slowly but surely adding things to the list as I go online as well.  I still have not ventured into the Infant Care section yet-- I just don't think I'm ready yet.

Always & Forever,

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Shannon said...

You totally look pregnant. Isn't that the best feeling? Pretty soon you can rock the hand-on-lower-back walk that pregnant chicks love.

Bologna is awesome no matter the writing.