Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Carpet Does Not Match the Drapes

...because don't have drapes.  But we have CARPET!

In April we ripped out the old carpet.
In June, we replaced the subfloor.

It took us three months, but we finally have carpeting.  Oh happy day.

JEGs mentioned in the subfloor post that he had decided to rip up the grey slate tile in the entry way to replace the flooring underneath.  I was totally down with that because I had a deep hatred for that tile.

One  week while I was on night shift, JEGs got to work on replacing the tile.  We picked out a lighter and brighter Topaz Ice by Marazzi at our local Home Depot, with the Bone grout.

 The very first thing he did was dry fit the tiles on the wonder board WITH the spacers in place.  This gave an actual measurement for how to cut the board so that everything fit and lined up.  Once he was happy with the layout, and knew where to cut, he went ahead and trimmed the board to fit. He centered it with the doorway, and tucked under the threshold just a bit to make it cleaner.  Once he was happy with the position, he screwed it down with drywall screws to the subfloor.

 Next up was mixing the mortar.  Anyone who has messed with this goop knows that this can be a pain in the arse.  Adding JUST enough water so that the "mud" isn't too runny, but isn't too dry is a trial and error type of thing. Mike Holmes makes it look so easy.

 Once its mixed, it is time to spread it out over the wonder board.  Starting in the center, he worked his way out and forward, using 3/16" spacers to keep the grout lines nice and even.  It's good to check your progress with a level as you go to make sure things are lined up. 

Once satisfied with the tile positions, it was time to let them set. The tiles had to set overnight before they could be grouted.

 Since I am super preggers, JEGs decided that instead of making me walk around to the back door when I got home at midnight, he would build me a bridge out of material leftover from the subfloor replacement-- a "temporary wife bridge" as he called it.   So thoughtful <3

 The next day the mortar had set up enough to start grouting, so JEGs mixed it up and spread it around with a grout float.  He also used some left over and spread it in where the tile meets the threshold to make it look seamless.  I should note that he could have used caulk, but he had left over grout so he thought, why not? If it cracks or chips out, he can caulk it later. 

About a week or so later, the carpet guys from Lowe's came out and installed the carpet.

I know what you are thinking; Lowe's carpeting?  Home Depot tile?  We don't discriminate.  Well, we do a little.  Shhh, we secretly love Lowe's way more, but don't tell the HD.

Anyway, let me tell you-- these guys did work.  In a little over an hour they showed up, installed the tack strips, put down the carpet padding, installed the carpet AND ran the vacuum.  LOVE THEM.

When it was all finished, I took the opportunity to do something I haven't done in this house: lie down on the living room floor.

..and I may or may not have attempted a carpet angel.  

So let's take a trip down memory lane and gander at the progress this room has made.

Before (with previous owner's furnishings):




One more view:

Clearly we have a lot more to do (maybe some art on the walls?) but the transformation with fresh paint and carpet alone has made me so happy.

So, what do you think?  

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks so good! Looks like a comfy and soft carpet, too! Perfect for the living room (and that little baby coming along).

Great work!

AarthiD said...

Oh wow, the room looks amazing! The single best decision you guys made in the room was taking the carpet off of those last two steps -- gives the room a MUCH better look!

You look so happy in the living room! How'd that carpet angel work out? ;)

LizzieBeth said...

Thanks AarthiD! We still need to fix the steps, but I feel like it flows better then the carpeted steps did!


Christen said...

Ha ha- love the carpet angel!

Looks great!

Janine Green said...

The home carpeting looks very thick. Should be comfy to walk on. I do the carpet angel all the time!