Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fabulous July

How I Met Your Mother
Robin, did I ever tell you I was vomit-free since '93?

 This show is Legon---wait for it------- DARY. How did I go six years without watching??   Barney Stintson is by far the BEST character on TV.  JEGs and I would catch this on syndication every once in a while and thought it seemed pretty funny.  Once we moved into the house, we cut our cable down the basic channels and realized something:  basic cable sucks.  So we decided to hunt down the first six seasons of this show and  marathon watched it.  I have never laughed so hard at a TV show as I have with this one.  Seriously, the writers of this show are doing a fantastic job, not only keep with the continuity of the show, but keep the characters fresh.  We are all caught up and are itching to start the seventh season.


I have always loved anything that was lemon-flavored;  it's one of my favorite tastes.  With the pregnancy (and summer) in full swing, I am always A. Thirsty B. Craving sugar and C. Craving sour.  DING DING-- we have a winner in lemonade.  We always have a half drank gallon of Turkey Hill Lemonade in the fridge.  I'll mix it with other beverages too!  Iced Tea, a little in my water, any my new favorite, with Trop 50's  Pomegranate Blueberry juice.  Ommm nom nom.

adidas Zeitfrei sandals

Here is the thing about pregnancy:  your feet always hurt.  ALWAYS.  I had gotten in the habit of as soon as I came home from work off came my shoes and on went my slippers. However, I ran into two problems:  my slippers made my feet hot (and I am like a human oven as it is right now) and after a while, I had worn then down so far, they didn't have any padding left.  Then one day I noticed JEGs had a pair of adidas flip flops with padding on the soles.  I slipped my feet in and it was like heaven and I never wanted to take them off.  Apparently, JEGs felt the same way about these shoes and was quite annoyed when I would put up a fight if he wanted to wear his own shoes.  Whatevs man.  So I broke down and bought my own pair.  And I loves them.   


I know you haven't been formally introduced yet, but this little guy has brought a lot of fun and love into our life this past month.   And that's pretty fabulous.

Alrighty July, August is officially here, and it is jam packed with weddings, showers and renovations!  We gotta get to gettin!!

Always & Forever,

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MrsKinne said...

We are obsessed with "How I Met Your Mother" at the Kinne house, and we are pretty in love with our cat... who we named after Barney Stinson.