Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Crashing: Casually Simple

On July 23, 2011 my dear friend Megan got married.

I met Meg back in 2003 when she was just 17.   We worked together at Applebee's for years and we were killer on Sunday night expo together.  The two things I love most about her are: you know exactly how she feels about things, and she is not full of pomp and circumstance-- this girl likes to keep it simple and her lovely wedding reflected that perfectly.

The wedding was held at a beautiful, 200-year-old meeting house in Southampton, PA.

I won't even lie to you, I was contemplating how to steal this chandelier.  It would look gorgeous in our boudoir.  But JEGs put the kibosh on it.  Something about being too big to smuggle out.  Whatever.

It was insanely hot the day of the wedding-- I think the mercury hit between 98- 100 degrees.  Since the meeting house was two hundred years old, they didn't have modern conveniences like electricity for air conditioning.  But Meg was on top of that.  As soon as you walked in, you were handed a fan to keep yourself cool-- complete with adorable sayings:

When Meg entered, I gasped.  She looked amazing in a dress with a satin wrap bodice and a skirt of pleated net over silk organza.  At her waist was a crystal and pearl embellished belt that folded twice in the back and had more crystals at the tapered ends.

She carried a bouquet of sunflowers wrapped in yellow ribbon.  She opted to go with out a veil, and instead her naturally curly hair was swept casually into a side bun and accessorized with white silk flowers.

Her shoes (which I didn't get a picture of until later in the night) were glittery and blue.  

I'm not even going to lie, I was pretty proud and impressed with her for getting shoes this fabulous.  She is usually very understated, and these were pretty... kung pow!

God bless them, they kept that ceremony short-- fifteen minutes we were in and out.  They had a few readings, a sand ceremony, Kevin- do you? (he did)  Meg- do you? (she did too) , kiss the bride and be on your way.

The reception was held at the nearby Maggio's Restaurant.  As we entered we found our place cards propped up on wine corks that Meg had collected from her part-time gig as a bartender (..and maybe a few bottles she partook in as well ;)

The centerpieces were mason jar filled with sunflowers and river rocks with and adorn with a yellow ribbon

Can we talk about her cake for a second?  First off, it was adorable with a cake topper of a bride and groom on a motorcycle.

The most important part?  The taste.  Holy mother of pearl, it was like everything that was good in one cake.  First off it was yellow cake (my fav) with chocolate chips.  Then it had a strawberry jam filling between the layers.  But wait.. there is more!  The icing was-- wait for it---- peanut butter flavored.  It was basically a pregnant woman's dream.

I had such a blast at the wedding, I even got my booty out on the dance floor-- proving that at seven and a half months pregnant, I am still gettin' my Cupid Shuffle on.

LOVE my AppleBitches

Meg, I wish you and Kevin nothing but happiness in the years to come.  Love you so much girl!

Always & Forever,


bethany said...

Dang girl, way to get your bootie on the dance floor! I'm proud of you.

This wedding is gorg, and you're's casually simple. There clearly wasn't fussing over ridiculous little details, and it has such a breezy, beautiful vibe. I love it. :)

P.S. Don't let JEGS disrupt a good theft session. I vote that you should have snatched it and ran. ;)

Danielle and Clint said...

I am loving your dress!