Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pregnancy: Weeks 32 & 33

Once upon a time I could button this jacket...
My Stats:
*Twenty-four pounds gained.  I would say a good 20 of it is from cake.
*Waist measures... let's just say I "lost" my tape measure.  Yeah, yeah.  I... lost it.

Little Monster's Stats:
*Our little guy weights about 4.5 pounds and his total length is nearly 19.5 inches.
*He is now keeping his eyes open when he is awake
*Neurons and synapses are developing in huge numbers allowing him to master things like sucking and swallowing while breathing.
*..and for TMI of the week:  his testicles are descending from his abdomen into his scrotum.  Awww.
*This week we have become a honeydew on the Fruit-O-Meter

Pregnancy Fun Facts:
Last week karma decided it would be a fun joke to give me third trimester morning sickness.  I spent every morning sitting next to the toilet, cursing the good fortune of my (unknown) first trimester.   By the end of the week I was feeling better, but I was still getting what I call "yucky burps".  Basically, the baby is running out room in there and is starting to press on my organs-- including my stomach.  There have been times when I have 'burped' up the last thing I ate.  It seems to happen mostly at night, riiiight before I am about to fall asleep.  It's really... awesome.  

Energy Level/Sleep
   The baby has made it very clear he only likes it when I lay on my left side.  Aye- aye capt'n.   If that's what you want, that is what I shall do.  
  Let's talk about his energy levels for a second:  good lord child-- are you trying to escape through my bellybutton??  That is not an exit!  He doesn't really kick anymore, but he does push on my sides.  A lot.

 At this very moment, I would sell my mother for a roast beef sandwich and a root beer.  (Sorry Mommacita).     Recently I have been wanting a lot of peanut butter- in milkshake form is bonus points.

Other Stuff:
  I ditched the wedding bands weeks ago for a plain ring I had laying around.  However that won't fit anymore either so I have been commando on the ring finger.  Earlier in the week I had a woman in a doctors waiting room inform me that "the Lord looks down upon unwed mothers".  I posted this on my Facebook wall, and my favorite of the 25 comments I received was from my friend Mike's sister Beth: " You should have told her it was your 4th- all to different Daddys. Then asked 'You think the big guy's okay with that?' ".  My actual response to the woman was "Well thank goodness I waited five months after the wedding to get pregnant".   Really, the nerve of some people.  But I do believe I might invest in a cheapy ring from Kohls.. just to be on the safe side.

My mother hosted a second baby shower for us this past weekend and again, friends and family were so generous.  We have been so blessed, and we are so thankful for all the gifts we received.  Now I just need to organize it all.

Our good friends, Cara and Rob, recently found out they are having a little girl in December.  Clearly this means that their precious angel has to marry our little monster.  We've already started to draw up the paperwork.  Here is Cara and I introducing the bride and groom wee ones to each other:

Finally, I think we are getting closer to a name.  Maybe :)

Always & Forever,


Anonymous said...

Baby G + Baby L = Forever

MrsKinne said...

I cannot believe that woman in the waiting room! People are ridiculous.

bethany said...

LB, I would have bitch-slapped that old woman. Seriously, my hand to her wrinkled face, LB. No question. I'd still like to do it. If you have her address...let me know.

I can't believe he's a honeydew already. Jeepers creepers! And hooray for edging closer to a name! I can't even fathom the name game...I'm too fickle to decide in advance what I want for dinner, how I'll pick out a baby name I'll never know!

Shannon said...

That old crotchety bitch situation is one of those where I would think of the perfect witty, biting retort...20 minutes after it happened. But I'd gladly join B in knocking the old lady around. I'll hit a senior citizen, I don't care. Ha.

High fives to the little monster on all his (testicular) progress! Way to go lil buddy! And babies sure do love milkshakes, right? SO weird.

Amanda said...

Can I say to that beeotch that she needs to get a life and shut her mouth?! I honestly can't believe the nerve of some people. Why would that thought ever enter your mind? Jeez!

Grow little baby, grow! Are you going to start calling him the name you decided or wait? Even thought I don't have kids yet, I know what my first boy or girl will be...i think. :)

Oonafey said...

Pfft. I would have just told that lady in the waiting room to Fuck Off, but I'm obviously not as genial as you. In fact, I think at that exact moment I would have wanted nothing more than to say something incredibly outrageous and inappropriate, just to be as impolite as her. Something about Mary being an unwed mother may have been viable, if I juiced it up a bit somehow.