Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Baby

Around late November I realized something:

I had a kid to take to see Santa Claus.  Hot damn.

This is one of those things that you dream about someday doing with your kids.  It's like a "Someday Bucket List"  Someday I'll take him to Sesame Place.  Someday I'll teach him to ride a bike. Someday I'll take him to see Santa. 

Well my friends, that day had come.

Last Friday, JEGs and I got him all decked out in his Sunday best and took the little monster to the King of Prussia Mall to see the big guy himself.  

Gotta stay hydrated.. I've got a long list.

Santa?  NBD...

Seriously Mom, get the camera out of my face.

We waited in line and I was all sorts of excited.  I kept looking to the front trying to figure out what was taking so long.  Didn't they know Hunter  was here to see Santa?  Clearly we should have been moved straight to the front of the line.

When it was finally our turn, the monster calmly sat on Santa's lap.  We tried to get him to smile for the camera by tickling him, and making faces, but he was just looking at us like we were crazy.   So we just took what we could get

Which I think is still pretty damn cute.

What did he ask Santa for?   A gorgeous new Coach purse... which is totally not for me.  Absolutely not.

Always & Forever,


LB's Oldest Brother said...

Absolutely adorable.

Though I am glad to see Santa's third eye Chakra is good.

Anonymous said...

beyond adorable! whatta cute little man : )