Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jewelry Board

While we were getting nailed with snow over the weekend, I decided to kill some time by organizing the baubles in my closet.

I saw this great idea featured at Young House Love and thought, that is so easy! I could do that!

So I decided to attack this mess:

When we first moved in this was the best place to keep my necklaces from a jumbled mess, but it was kind of a pain to get to the purses behind it and I had to keep clipping the necklaces back together everytime I took them off. I know, I know... I lead a rough life.
After about an hours worth of work, I ended up with this:

All I did was grab a corkboard and cover it with fabric bought at Walmart. I then added some screw cup hooks to hang the necklaces from and strung the ribbon above it for my dangy earrings.

It had made my life so much easier when I am getting dressed. I don't have to rummage through my jewelry box looking for my earrings anymore!

Cost breakdown:
Corkboard: Free (already had it)
Fabric: $3.17 for a yard and a half (I didn't use all of it. I plan on using the rest of another project)
Ribbon: Free. (I was a cheer coach, I am trained to have white ribbon in reach at all times.)
Hooks: $.99 for 8

Total: $4.16
BAM. How you like me now?

I'm still debating if I want to paint the frame of the corkboard. I'm kinda digging the original wood. What are your thoughts? Paint or not to paint- that is the question.

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...


So how did you attach the fabric to the cork? B/c I've got a corkboard that I was thinking of covering. Oh and I say no paint. I think the wood actually looks nice with that fabric.

Oh and as far as cooking for you, as long as you only plan on eating every two weeks or so, I'm your girl :)

LizzieBeth said...

Hey Shan, that's a really good question! I actually used a regular stapler and stapled the fabric to the board and used a hot glue gun for the ribbon!

..hmm, every two weeks? Well, at least I'll be slim for the wedding! ;)


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker said...

Oh, wow!!! LB -- what a super-cute project. I love it :) I want to make one of my very own sometime soon, now. I have necklaces EVERYWHERE.


But call me Carrie. said...

SO awesome!!! What a good idea. I think I need to try that jewels are a huge messy ball :(

Jodie said...

So cute!

Cecily said...

Yay for snow days! And I love your new jewelry organizer. I definitely need to make one of those!

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