Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ol' Switcharoo

I get bored easily.

You can't leave me to my own devices before I start moving things around. So it's only natural that after being cooped up in this apartment due to three HUGE snowstorms, that I needed to move things around.

Money is a little tight, so I'm holding off on my headboard project for a couple of months. I don't have anything super exciting happening in the world of Falconhead decor. In the meanwhile, I attacked our lighting situation.

In the boudior we had picked up two oil rubbed lamps from Target and added a blue damask shade to it. I loved both the shade and the lamp, but after a while I realized I was not loving them together or in the bedroom. So I swapped the lampshades for the plain white ones in the great room.


I loooove the blue shade with the pewter lamp. Sometime in the summer I would like to switch out the pillows for a dresser look.

I also had a major issue with our exessive blue tones in the bedroom. The wall color, comforter and shade were all three different colors.


It's kinda of hard to tell by the picture, but the comforter has more of a greenish-blue to it, and the shade is definatly a greyish-blue. It was driving me bonkers. Plus, when I finally did do the headboard, I wanted to have taller lamps to match the height of the headboard. We have super tall ceilings, and everything in the bedroom is super squat. I'm trying to elongate eveything and really play up the architecture we've been given.


Yes, I have a Zhu Zhu pet on my nightstand. It was a gift from my neice.
JEGs isn't feeling it, but I think he'll come around one the headboard is up. It's like I always tell him... "I have a vision".

In the grand scheme of things it's not that big of a deal, but I'm sleeping better at night. Besides, JEGs is lucky he isn't coming home to the bedroom completely switched around (trust me, I've contemplated it).

On a side note: I used to giggle everytime I went to visit JEGs at his parents house because his mother and grandmother were always rearranging the furniture. It was never the same look twice when I would go to visit. Now I am realizing that I am much more like his mother then I ever thought. That's not a bad thing- she's kinda a cool chick.

Always & Forever,

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Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I hear you with the snowstorm. We moved the Tuesday before it hit MD. So I was going bonkers but thankfully unpacking helped me.
I have blue and brown on the bedroom now. And the bathroom. and the baby's room. geez...I think I need a change too.