Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you there Summer? It's Me, Lizzie...

Normally, I love me a good snowfall.
The proof- here is me during our first snowfall of the year.

I'm like an 8 year-old. Weeeee!

But after 26 inches in late December, and another 24 inches this past weekend, I'm kinda over that white fluffy stuff...

But wait...there's more!!

Take a look at this big 'ole bitch on it's way!

(are you hearing the Jaws soundtrack in your head? Cause I totally am...)

Another 12"- 18" 18"- 24"??** Are you kidding me??
Snow is great around Christmas, when the lights are up and everything seems magical. After the middle of January, it just gets kinda old to me.

I am ready for flip flops and tank tops.

Shivering & Freezing,
** from the time I started this post till the time I finished it, the snowfall amount went up. Awesome.
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Lexilooo said...

Saw your comment on Heidi's post about the red shoes today, and had to say hello...I probably have about ten pairs (!!!) and may have ordered those shoes she posted (with a $10 off coupon AND free shipping!)

I am loving the snow, and hoping for another day off tomorrow :)

ang said...

i love how we watch the same news peoples!

adam joseph...hmm? hmm?

i'm not looking forward to another 2 freakin' feet.
what the heck will we do with 40+ inches of snow...on the ground?

Shannon said...

Dude am I the only one who loves it? I live for the hubbub! And the route from my new house to work and from my new house to Target are BOTH completely flat surfaces. Bring it!

Amanda said...

LB--I feel your pain. Around this time of year I start to dread the snow. I particularly feel horrid about it in late Feb/early March (which is why we've planned a vacation to Florida during that time!)

Only two months til spring:)

Danielle and Clint said...

In Michigan, we usually get dumped on nonstop, but for some reason, we past it on to you guys :-(