Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hair Today- More Tomorrow!

Can we talk about Kate Gosselin for a minute?

This girl got $7,000 extentions put in, only to have them taken out because her stylist Ted Gibson ( or as I like to call him "Not Nick Arrojo") didn't like the way they were photographing.
Fear not, Clean Slate Kate lovers, because she's getting them done all over again- but just a different color.

Must be nice.

The closest I'll ever get to that is whipping out my box of L'Oreal hair dye a week before the wedding.

Remember once upon a time when she was a nurse turned housewife with a thousand kids? Now she's all sorts of fabulous with $14,000 worth of fake hair, spray tan, and a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

I think I'm slowly joining Team Octomom.




ang said...

i couldn't agree more.
i am so over kate...and her hair.
she looked like a goof on dancing with the stars!

i hope her 15 minutes of fame are up soon...i can't take much more!

Danielle and Clint said...

Makes me sad because when the show first came on, John and Kate Plus 8, I loved watching the kids and the cute things they did. Now I am just so annoyed.

Shannon said...

She's a mess. All I think of when I think of her is that huuuuuuge veiny preggo belly she had in the opening credits of the old show. I think she was the one who scarred me for life and made me quiver at the sight of naked preggo bellies. Dammit Kate.

Tara said...

I'm so glad people are finally starting to hate her. I remember when that show first came on, I said within 5 minutes was how they would be divorced within five years because she was such a bitch. It almost makes the Duggers with their 19 kids seem normal, at least they have moral values. If you have 8 kids how do you have money to spend on hair extensions twice?

Nicole Peterson said...

I just discovered your blog. Love it.

My jaw just dropped when I read this. Because it still looks like a badly done weave and she looks a HOT MESS!