Monday, March 22, 2010

Lauren Turns Thirty. Fabulousity Ensues.

A couple weeks ago, we all surprised Lauren with a 30th Birthday party...

Bonnie really spear-headed this whole thing. She picked the place, the time, the everything. She wanted to find a fun, chic place where we could all hang out, nibble on some food and get some drinks.
Where did she pick? Harry's Hotdogs in Thorndale, PA.

What is Harry's Hotdogs? It's a hot dog joint. It's the kind of place you roll into with your muddy jeans and sweat shirt on, and order a dog with everything, cole slaw and a beer. Not what one would call "chic". However, Bonnie informed us there was a nice club in the upper part of the building. I was still skeptical.

Until I saw the place. And I realized I was wrong. This place was kinda fab. u. lous.

The building is an old hotel, so it has a lot of great architecture. The club area- 'The Attic' as it is called- is a design whore's dream. Crown molding, beautiful wall sconces set inside wainscoting complete with a do-dye-for wallpaper background. Take a look for yourself:

They had comfortable sectionals that were set up in three spacious seating areas, as well as leather ottomans for extra seating.

There was an accent wall with a bold red and black damask wall paper

this was the best picture I had of that wall

The chandeliers were so modern and elegant..

There was an additional room that had a huge round, red velvet, circular couch- along with eight of the hottest chicks this side of the Brandywine!

Loved it. All of it.
We had such a blast too! All I can do is just show you pictures...

First, I have to mention that they have the teeniest wings ever. EVER.

Seriously. It's like shown as actual size.
Bonnie and I droppin' it like it's hott. 'Cause we are.

As the night wore on- and the drinks were flowing- some of the classic drunk pictures were snapped...
that's my sexxay face. Don't act like you're not impressed.

Group shot!

JEGs is very GQ. And Tim has an impressive 'stache.

I cannot mention the night without making not of the Filet-O-Fish guy. Some dude at the bar looked JUST LIKE the guy from the commercial- you know, the one were the fish on the wall sings? If you don't know it, youtube that ish NOW.

Commerical Filet-O-Fish...

...and Harry's Hotdogs patron.

I. den. tical.

The complete highlight of my night was Drunk Bonnie Faces

We had such an awesome time. Our friends know how to do it up right.

Happy 30th Birthday Lauren!

Always & Forever,

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Shannon said...

#1 Putting the Filet o Fish song in my head at 9am is not cool LB, NOT COOL! What if it was you hanging up on this wall????

#2 Cute shirt

#3 Please go back to the hot dog joint and steal that chandalier. pronto.