Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ceremony

Psst... wanna catch up real quick on the rehearsal, the preparations?

At 4:50 pm the bridal party was lined up and ready to go. I was on my father's arm and feeling way calmer then I ever thought I would.

I was totally calm, until we made the turn to walk down the aisle. My nerves kicked in and my thoughts started to race.

"Where is JEGs? I should look for him. There's Connie. Oo, look how pretty the flowers are! There is Connie. Where is JEGs? Connie again. Is my mom here? I can't believe the sun is shining. Where is JEGs? Oh, there he is!"

As my father gave me away to my future husband, he whispered in my ear, "You Go Girl" (an inside joke), kissed my cheek, and handed me over.

As JEGs and I looked at each other, we could not stop smiling.

The ceremony was simply sweet and short. The sun ducked in and out of the clouds and a soft breeze blew through to cool off our guest

..it also made my veil take flight

Our pastor asked JEGs if he took Amber to be his wife. (Still trying to figure out who Amber is, 'cause it sure as hell ain't me.)

Who is this "Amber" hoe?

My friend Erin began to tear up while reading "Union" by Robert Fulgham.

At some other point in the ceremony, the pastor referred to JEGs as "Jastin" (Justin? Jason? Are we at the right ceremony?)

During the sand ceremony, JEGs made me giggle when he thought he saw a cigarette butt in the sand.

In rehearsal we were told that after the vows we would do the whole kissing of the bride and then we would turn to our guests. At this point, he would announce us as Mr. and Mrs.

Welll... it didn't quite happen that way.

We did the vows and he had us turn to everyone. He said, "The wedding is now over and the marriage has begun. I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Ginseng."

I'm sorry... who? Who are the Ginsengs?

Let the confusion begin

JEGs leans over to correct him, and he kept repeating Ginseng over and over again. After three tries, he finally got it right, at which point JEGs' aunt screams "KISS THE BRIDE ALREADY!!!!". The pastor looks at her and said "I'm getting to that point."


Sooo... can we kiss the bride, or not?

At some point we finally kissed and walked back down the aisle and the new Mrs. and Mrs. Ginseng JEGs.


Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

Aw, you're a beautiful bride!

Danielle and Clint said...

LOL! At my best friend's wedding, the pastor kept referring to the bride and groom as "Happy Couple" because he forgot their names. JEG's should of said, I take Amber to be my wife. lol. Those mistakes are what give your wedding flavor!

kim said...

Hahah! Oh Amber.. you're so silly.

Jodie said...

Too funny! What a beautiful ceremony and you looked fab!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so funny! He just didn't get the hint, huh? Sounds like you took it all in stride. And you looked AMAZING. Seriously. Amazing.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

this is a story to tell the kids!
You looked beautiful

kp said...

LOVE the fact that you are now Amber. If it makes you feel any better, I was Nancy. It is pretty much the best story ever, and I thought I was the only one whose CHILDHOOD PRIEST got it wrong and forgot their name. Pics are great and looks like you did an amazing job with the wedding. Oh, and looked pretty darn snappy too!