Monday, August 30, 2010

Wife Chop

Remember back in June when I was desperate for a haircut?

Well, I should be careful what I wish for.

Seven inches later, this is the look I'm sporting now...

ironically, it wasn't until I just looked at these pictures that I realized I am wearing
the same top and earrings as in my profile pictures-- and I don't wear them that often. Hmm.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand my hairdresser, Tara, did an amazing job with the actual cut. It feels light and oh-so-healthy (farewell dead ends!).

On the other hand it's short. Really short. Like so short, I don't even know how to style it yet. I can't pull it back in a ponytail, and when I finally do, there are so many bobby pins it would be an airport security nightmare.

My long hair made me feel sexy and fabulous. I felt powerful. I walked taller.

This kind of makes me feel very... married. With three kids. And mom jeans. Keds anyone?

I think if I give it a little more time, I will get used to it, but the sudden change of 7 inches takes some getting used to. In the meantime I'm seriously contemplating a wig. Or maybe I should bust out my white girl weave again.

Always & Forever,


Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I'm rolling here! LOL
Keds! Genious.
I think you look so cute but I do understand the feeling. I've always love short hair but once I cut it I doubt myself. Right now is mighty long and I though of cutting most of it. But right now I think 2 inches.

Amanda said...

LB, you've done it again. You've created a hairstyle that I envy. Work it, girlfriend :)

Freckles Chick said...

LMAO @ "so many bobby pins it would be an airport security nightmare"!

My honest opinion: you look HAWT. Sassy. Chic. Far, far, faaaaar from soccer mom jeans. Ha!

Haven't you heard? All the celebs are chopping off their locks (Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Crey Mulligan). I get these important gossip alerts via email b/c I have my priorities. =]

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I really love this haircut. And, want those sideswept bangs. I always go to my gal wanting these and then chicken out. I think I need to pull the trigger next time, because this looks really great. And, the back - just perfect.

Shannon said...

Sass! McFrass! I love it! Seriously, the bangs are fantastic.

I've got the itch to chop mine too. But I really don't want to mom chop! I'm terrified! I'd rather it be long and hideous then short and "no-nonsense". "No-nonsense" is such a dirty word.

Anonymous said...

Well, your hair WAS well cut, but it definitely is a mom haircut. Interesting that you used the word "powerful" to describe your long hair. Men know this, but not many women realize this, until their long hair is gone. You do have a nice healthy start if you decide to re-grow it. Best wishes! RJ