Friday, December 10, 2010

Suck it, Michael's

For the past couple of weeks I have been coveting these sequin candles from Michael's.  I have grand ideas of how to incorporate them into my holiday decor

However, they are priced at $6.99 each.  Holy mother of pearl!  In my grand plan, I needed four of them, and if ya'll don't know by now, I'm kinda of cheap.  I was not about to hand over $30 of my hard earned money for these bad boys.

So I did what any logical blogger would do-- I do it my damn self.

I knew I already  had a bunch of red glitter leftover from my cheerleading coaching days, so I stopped by Walmart and picked up four pillar candles for $1.50 each.

On a flat surface I laid out some wax paper and shook some loose glitter into a pile.

I used painters tape and taped the top part of the candle to create a clean line.  I used simple Elmer's Clear  Glue and covered the bottom part of the candle. 

Next, I rolled the candle in the pile of glitter

Once I removed the tape, I had a clean line

Thumbs up indeed.

I am really happy with the outcome and I can't wait to use them in my decorating!

 So for less then the cost of one candle, I was able to make four.  Boo YAH.

How about you guys... do you meander through stores and think "well hell, I can do that?" 

Always & Forever,


Your New Marketing Genius! said...

2 of my favorite quotes on glitter: 1) when in doubt add glitter. 2) Glitter is the herpes of art supplies. haha.

they look fab.

bethany said...

I've been telling Michael's to suck it A LOT recently. Puh-lease...the place is teeming with stuff that I can duplicate for pennies. Those fools. Also...the line is always SO long that I'm left to tap my foot sooo dramatically, as if great Uncle Jimmy is dying in the hospital, and if I don't get through the checkout with my craft punch, he'll die alone.

It's pretty dramatic.

Speaking of dramatic...hello, pillar candles! These are so simply and gorgeous! I'm thinking about making my own with white + silver glitter this weekend. Thanks for the amazing tutorial, LB!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like yours better. Suck it Michaels, indeed.

Amanda said...

Oh great seems so easy!

Love the title, too :)

Shannon said...

Michaels most certainly can suck it. I'm a little tired of their prices frankly. I wanted some peacock feathers and they were like 8 bucks or something. Ridic.

Your candles look super glittery and better than the orig. Brava.