Monday, October 10, 2011

Be Our Guest

My very enthusiastic mother just made us nine pies has offered to come stay with us this week to help get me  settled now that JEGs has headed back to work.

Now I know you guys have noticed the mess the guest room has been while viewing my weekly bump pictures.  Don't act like you didn't slide your eyes to the left and think "what hell exploded in there?!?!"

Our crap, that's what.

Between our lack of storage space (which includes our pain in the ass to access attic, seen here) and turning our walk in closet  into a nursery, this room became our dumping ground.  I would "organize" it every two or three weeks and it would just go back to being a mess.  Some days weeks it was so bad we would just shut the door and pretend it didn't exist.

However, I could not ask my 60some-year-old mother to shack up on the couch.  I needed to give her a  proper room with privacy, a place to stash her clothes and.. well, I guess a bed of some sort to sleep on would be nice too.  So we sucked it up and got to business.  It took us the better part of a month, but I think it can pass as acceptable staying accommodations

We cheated a little on the "bed" part of the room.  We didn't have the cheddar to spring for a new box spring and mattress (and I am NOT about to get something off Craigslist) so we busted out the aeromattress that I slept on during the hurricane.  It's pretty comfortable and a double, so my mom doesn't have to squeeze onto something the size of a pool float.

I wanted a place for my mom to be able to put her glasses at the end of a long day, so I snagged a small table from our patio and set it up next to the bed.  She has a touch lamp next to the bed so she doesn't have to do that annoying stumble-through-a-dark-and-unknown-room after she has turned off the overhead light.

She's also expressed a desire to have her own photo album from our wedding, so I included a copy of our proof book with stickies, so she can mark what pictures she wants in the album.  Or she can just toss it on the floor and has plenty of room for her own book of leisure.  What she does off the clock is none of my business.

We originally had two bookshelves in this room, but with the addition of the office nook in the kitchen, we were able to pair down to one.  I also paired down my book collection, and found a nice corner to place the book shelf.   So Momma, if you forgot your own book, feel free to borrow one of ours;  JEGs recommends the Eric Clapton Biography.  Me?  I say Confessions of a Shopaholic.

During DresserGate 2011, my hope chest got shuffled out of our bedroom and into the guest room.  It is currently housing all our linens, but it also have a small television, if my mom wants to peruse the Channels of ABC, CBS, or NBC.  Sorry, no pay-per-view in this hotel.

As much as I hate that the room is still Buzz Blaster Blue, I didn't want to settle on a color.  Our bigger plan for this room is to make it into a man-cave/playroom for JEGs and the Monster.   Instead of the aerobed, we hope to score a pullout couch-- something that JEGs can comfortably sit on and play XBOX, but we can still host a guest or two if needed.

I am really psyched that we spent very little money to transform this room.  Everything in here was something we already owned except for two things:  The IKEA LERBERG shelving for our DVDs (2 @ $5.99 each) and we did spring for a new ceiling fan

The fan/light combo in this room was big and dark and a clearence issue for anyone over 5'9, so we took it down and replaced it with the Harbor Breeze Cheshire II fan.  It's much slimmer and makes the room look so much bigger.

...and if anyone else wants to come and help with the baby after my mom leaves, I won't turn you away.  I'm just sayin'...

Always & Forever,


Anonymous said...

AMAZING transformation! great work...standing in a room that's cluttered and full of your things always feels so overwhelming...and once you finally stand back and look at all the hard work and the finished product: it's one of the best feelings.

*claire* said...

this room looks great! such a transformation! and honestly, it makes the blue look totally less scary. the airiness of the bedding helps that a lot. hopefully your mom has been comfortable!

and on that note, i hope you're doing well too! i'm sure it's been a busy time, but hopefully a wonderfully busy one! :)