Monday, October 3, 2011

Fabulous September

Pumpkin Food

I know spicy food is said to trigger labor, but do you think pumpkin-flavored stuff has the same effect?  I hope so with the amount of pumpkin I have consumed over the past couple of days.

Alexi comes home
I mentioned in a previous post, that my cousin Kerith gave birth to a daughter at 30 weeks.  At the time, I asked for thoughts and prayers for my cousin and little Alexi.  I am so very happy to announce that at 10 weeks old she and Momma are doing great-- in fact Alexi has even come home from the hospital.  She still has some obstacles to overcome, but she has proven herself to be a strong little girl!

Fall television

 I love it when shows start again in the fall-- it's like revisiting old friends.  I missed the crew and Glendale Community College.  It's nice to see that Ted Mosby still believes in love. Of course we can't forget the 5-time Emmy Award winning Dunphy/Prichett family.  I also love the possibility of picking up new shows.  This season I am continuing to enjoy the late-season replacement Happy Endings, and I've also become interested in the late-night soap that is Revenge.   The first two episodes have me intrigued...

Yoga pants.

Like these from Old Navy.
..the only way I got through this last month of pregnancy.

Alright September, you gots to get movin'.  October is here, and that's my favorite month!

Always & Forever,

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