Monday, October 24, 2011

The Nursery Reveal

Now that the monster is offically here, I guess I can show you the nursery.

If you remember, in June I shared my original moodboard:

 Here is the final product:

I ditched the IKEA curtains, and instead settled on these green curtains from Target that provided more shade from the sun and matched the green in the bumper perfectly.  The wall next to the window is art-less at this time because I am still trying to figure out what I want to go above the crib.

I stuck with my idea of a vinyl wall art and snagged this tree for under $70, after asking the artist to not send the bird or the grass.  Instead of my original idea of teal, I went with an ice blue that coordinated with the bumper.  I am a little sad because I thought the green leaves I ordered were a softer, sage green, and not the neon green I got.  Whomp whomp.

To save some money (and not over fill our house with furniture), we reused the dresser that was in our bedroom as a dresser/changing table.  I replaced the original flower-laden handles with oil-rubbed bronze knob from the clearance section in Lowe's.

My favorite part of the room is the rocker next to the window.

This rocker was a gift to my mother from my father when my brother Tim was born in December 1973.  I grew up listening to my mothers soft lullabies as the rocker creaked back and forth.  I have been using it to nurse Hunter (hence the burp cloth on the arm), and I love having this bonding time in something that has been in my family for almost 40 years.

During our daylight nursing sessions, I have a great view of our backyard where I can watch the squirrels.  And they are merry.

I wanted to do an owl theme without going completely over board.  I didn't get the bedding in the mood board because it was hella expensive, and wasn't going to use any of it ( note: for those of you who do not have children, blankets and padded bumper are big no-no's for babies).  Instead I opted for a statement piece in this owl lamp

I removed the black shade it came with and replaced it with a simple white shade.  It was a little plain, so I dug out some ribbon from my endless supply, and trimmed the edges of the shade to sass it up a bit.

 I had four RIBBA frames leftover from this project and used them above the dresser.

The upper left is some DIY art I did with the monster's name.  Next to that is our first ultrasound picture that I plan to replace with either a family portrait or maybe his silhouette.  Below the ultrasound picture is a card my bestie Connie made with her Cricut and gave to me at my baby shower.  Finally, we have a onesie that I was brought home from the now defunct Frankford-Torresdale Hospital.

The closet is filled with clothes, toys, diapers and other things our very generous friends and family gifted us.  I am so happy with the overhaul we did on this closet in July (more on that project here).

There are things that I would like to do down the line, like add crown molding, have a really fantastic ceiling fixture and perhaps a new rug, but since we had so many other projects going on around the house, we needed to do this on the cheap:

Here is the cost breakdown:
Paint: Free with gift cards
Crib and Rocker: gifted from my parents
Bedding: gifted
Dresser: Free (reused from another room)
Knobs: $5.64 (6 @ $.94 each)
Lighting: $34.99 for owl lamp and $14 for new shade
Art work: $19.96 for 4 RIBBA Frames; $70 for vinyl decal
Curtains: $18.99 for two panels
Rug: $15
Pillows: Free (reused from other rooms)
Diaper Caddy: $1.99 from IKEA As-Is Section

Total: $180.57

Adding in the cost of the closet overhaul and molding along the floorboards, we are looking at about $300 to change this room from a walk-in closet to a nursery for our perfect little monster.

Always & Forever,


Christen said...

Whoa!! I can't believe you two did all that for under 300 bucks. Great job! It's such a special room for your little guy :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow! it looks so great and I can hardly believe you only psent 180 smackaroos. It looks amazing! I love the rocker story and I think the tree on the wall is too cute.

Shannon said...

It's even cuter in person too! I didn't realize how cheap you got this room done for too. LB FTW!

Tiny little footed sleepers KILL me.