Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby Bling

For those who don't know, a "push present" is a gift a baby daddy gives a woman after birthing a baby-- something shiny and pretty to show he appreciated that you just pushed a watermelon out.  I know push presents are pretty popular, but I was not about to demand a diamond necklace or a new Coach bag.  I'm not that fancy.

Who am I kidding?  Yeah, I am that fancy, but I try to be sensible too.  JEGs asked if I wanted a push present, and I was all "meh, you don't have to... but this is pretty, isn't it?"

He got the hint.  So smart :)

For birthing the monster, JEGs gave me this beautiful sterling silver hand stamped disc with the monster's name from the Etsy store Candace Kane (please God, tell me that her name is really Candy Kane...)

The crystal in the middle is a funny story.  I really wanted to have Hunter's birthstone, however I wasn't totally sure if I was having him in September or October.  JEGs talked to Candace about it and she said she would include both charms at no extra charge.  Which ever we didn't use we could still keep.

I wasn't super thrilled about rocking October's pink tourmaline for my boy and JEGs mentioned that to Candace.  She informed him that October has two birthstones:  the tourmaline and opal.  She sent us a sapphire and an opal, but the opal was more of a bead and I didn't like the way it was laying so we stuck with the sapphire.  Consider it blue for boy.

Regardless, I love my necklace.  It sits perfectly just under my collarbone and I can still wear other necklaces with out it taking over.  It makes me happy.  And a happy wife is a happy life... right JEGs?

Always & Forever,

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