Monday, December 5, 2011

Fabulous October and November

Ever look back at a month and think 'where the hell did it go?'  Yeah.  That's what I just did with November AND October.  I feel like the calendar jumped from September 30th to December.  Just like that.

I know exactly where the months went-- the got lost in the haze of feedings, diaper changes and doctor appointments.

So here are some fabulous happenings of the past two months...

  Giving birth was pretty much the most fabulous thing ever.  Hands down.

Phillies Graham Slam Ice Cream

Alright, so our boys choked this post season, but good lord this ice cream is banging!!  It is graham flavored ice cream with scoops of chocolate marshmallow cups and a graham swirl.  I am seriously salivating just thinking about it.  I am not even ashamed to say I could probably finish an entire container by myself.  In one night.  Not pregnant.  That's right, I'm a fat kid.  

Sleepsack Swaddle

Confession:  I suck at swaddling.  I just can't get the hands and the feet to stay inside the blanket and it's never pulled tight enough.  My saving grace was when the hospital sent us home with a HALO sleepsack swaddle. I LOVE it.  It is a wearable blanket (or baby-in-a-bag as I call it) with and extra piece of fabric that wraps around the baby and stays together with Velcro.  The swaddle part is removable, so you can continue to use the blanket when the baby doesn't want to be swaddled anymore.  This thing is genius.

Friends and Family
  I cannot explain to you how thankful I am for all the support and love we have found through our friends and family the past couple of months.  My friend Hilary cooked and froze nearly a half dozen meals for us and also supplied us with gift cards to restaurants for the days we didn't want to (or couldn't find the time to) thaw out a meal and cook it.  She also refuses to stop buying clothes for the little guy.   My bestie Connie stopped by with a couple home cooked meals as well.

Our next door neighbor, Amy, is a mother to a seven-year-old and has been such  a fantastic support person.  We have done the panic call to her with questions of  "why is he doing this??  is this normal???"  If I can't have my mother next door to me, I am sure glad I have Amy.  I also have to give a shout out to our neighbor Jenny.  The day we came home from the hospital, she was on our door step with pulled chicken sandwiches, salad, Reese's cups and beer for JEGs.  We never even thought about what we would do about eats when we got home, so it was so helpful to have it taken care of.

I have to give a lot of thanks to our friends Bonnie and Andy.  Within the first week of being home, Bonnie came over to help me navigate the world of breast feeding.  Her tips and tricks were exactly what I needed to  confidently continue.  In the same vein, I am so thankful to have my sisters-in-law Angie and Bryn who I know I can call with any question regarding toys, breast feeding or  general child care.

Most of all, both of our parents have been an unending source for help, free baby-sitting and Harry's Hotdogs.  Now that I have a child of my own, I can finally appreciate the love my parents have for me.  I seriously cannot thank you enough for everything you have ever done for us.

Alright Blurtember, move aside because December is here and that means twinkling lights, holidays songs and peppermint lattes!  Tis the season!

Always & Forever,

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