Friday, December 2, 2011

Hunter: Two Months

Dude, you have become a meatball.  At today's doctor appointment you weighed in at 11lbs 15 oz and 23 1/2 inches long.  You are in the 50% for your weight and 75% for height.  Surprise, surprise, you are gonna be tall.  

You are solidly in your 3 month clothes.  Anything that is 0-3 months is either in the pile for the next child, or on it's way out.

On November 2nd, you gave me a real smile-- not just one of those I-am-peeing-or-farting-smiles.  This was an honest to God, Mommy-did-something-silly-smile.  And for the record, I was singing "Where is Thumbkin".  You find that hilarious and it calms you down during diaper changes.

You have also started cooing.  I can tell when you are concentrating really hard on making a sound, and when you do, you get a look of surprise on your face.

Tummy time is not your favorite thing.  Neither is bath time.  Basically, the swing is where it's at.

You cry real tears now, and it breaks my heart every time.  I am pretty sure I am going to be giving into every whim by the time you are able to point to the candy at the Giant checkout aisle.  You want a Snickers?  Sure, as long as you don't whip out the tears.  

Your farts are proof that not everything a baby does is cute.  Seriously dude, you can clear a room with that stank.

Mommy had to go back to work this month, so you had your first experience with daycare.  Every day you hang out with Miss Susan and you seem to like her.  Every other week you and Daddy spend the evenings together while Mommy works.  It's been a bit of a learning curve for your old man, but he is making out ok.

On Thanksgiving you got to meet Pop's side of the family.  You were passed around to new people and you handled it like a champ.  I am so happy you are a social baby.

You are the cutest baby on Earth. Easily.  I love spending time with you and I miss the hell out of you when I am at work.  There are some days where I wish I could just tote you to work with me, but I am thinking helicopters can't support a car seat.  At least not yet.

Always & Forever, 


JEGs said...

Watch it with that old man crap... :)

He's currently asleep on me as I was reading this. We both wish you were here right now. Xoxo

Amanda said...

Haha JEGS! :)

You made quite the little cutie, LB. Hope you can continue to find the rhythm between work + H.