Monday, September 10, 2012

OBX '12

After a three year hiatus, the friends gathered once again for a week in Outer Banks, NC.

We stayed in Avon again, and  picked Woodwinds in the same subdivision as last time, Kinnekeet Shores.



it took everything in my power not to rip down that light in the stairwell and take it with me.
the room we stayed in

We arrived a few hours before check-in, so we took the time to visit the light house and get our beach parking permit.   We had scored this Evenflo thoughts appear like butterflies Trailtech baby carrier on Craigslist for $15 and it proved to be perfect for trekking around the grounds

It was Un.  GODLY hot and humid, so JEGs and I didn't get to the beach as often as we would have liked.  We did get out there the second day, which made for the triumphant return of Ocean Beer

Hunter was great at the beach.  He played in the sand and splashed in a small pool that our friend Bonnie and Andy brought for their 18-month-old daughter, Cora.

Ladies, please.  There is enough Bubbers to go around for everyone.


I was worried about how to handle his napping schedule while we were on the beach, but that was not an issue.  Little dude conked out in my Jeep's trunk for a solid hour.

Most of our evening and afternoons were spent out on the third floor balcony.

..but with this view, can you really blame us?

One particular night we decided that our friends Matt and Evan needed haircuts.  And by 'haircuts'  I mean mohawks.  And I'm not quite sure how it came to be, but it was decided that I was to be the barber.

So we prepped ourselves.  Because what goes better together then alcohol and a pair of clippers?

Evan before..

I wasn't sure how to go about this, so Evan's sister, Jess, decided that the only logical way to proceed was to tape out the mohawk with masking tape. I went to work.

 ..and in the end it didn't come out half bad

Then it was time for the ...'mane' event.  Ba dum cheeeeee.  C'mon, that was good.

Anyway, Matt's before...

..and after:

One afternoon we took the traditional ferry ride over to Ocracroke Island

Cora watches the waves

Evan, Jess, Matt, Mandy

While we were there, we stop to have lunch at the Jolly Roger.  The food there is super good, and you can sit out on the dock for a casual meal

The tree was our special guest

Lisa and Dr. Steph glance over the menu


JEGs wins the award for 'Most Creepy  Photo Bomb'

Those without children went kayaking, and our plan was to walk around the shops and wait until they were finished.  However, it was hotter then BALLS, so we jumped back in the car and headed back to the house where the promise of air conditioning awaited us.  Oh sweet sweet central air.  How do I love thee?  A LOT.

While we were on vacation, our friend, Dr. Stephanie, turned 30.  Mandy, Jess and I raided the Dollar Store for all the birthday gear we could grab.

We also hit up the Food Lion for an ice cream cake.

the birthday girl

these balloons lasted for DAYS, even with a 9-month and 18-month old chasing after them

In preparation for the Fourth of July, we had all packed the tackiest American Flag garb we could possibly find.  First, the gratuitous 'adorable kids' picture


Hunter and Matt matched.  I died.

Mandy and Dr. Steph in their patriotic bathing suits

like a true diva, Cora had a wardrobe change

JEGs and I went more of the cheesy route with matching shirts for the family

The night of the Fourth, everyone went to the beach for fireworks and a bonfire, but Bonnie and I stayed behind on monitor duty, with a little help from Cupcake Winery.  We were able to scope out the fireworks from the third floor balcony

Instagram: @LizzieInProgres

The house we stayed in had a pool, which turned out to be vital for survival.  Although Hunter did really well on the beach, I did not.  I don't know what my problem was, but every single day I was on that beach, I felt like I was about to stroke out in the heat.    So we spent a lot of time in the pool, but the Bubs didn't seem to mind too much.  I soaked him in SPF 93287492783, put on his hat and plopped him in a raft that I picked up at a yard sale for F.R.E.E.

(there is a harness underneath the raft for his legs to go through, but he really enjoyed kicking back with his feet up)

The adults really enjoyed the pool as well

Photo Photo Photo                                                   Photo Photo

Every person/couple takes a night to cook a meal for the group and then the last night we get all sassed up and go out for dinner.  Hunter even wore a tie

I couldn't get my act together enough to take pictures of dinner, but it is a restaurant right on the sound side that serves really good seafood.  For the life of me I can't remember the name.  But it has a lovely view

Dinner was a little hectic because it was right before Hunter's bedtime, aka Freak-the-Hell-Out time for him.  JEGs ate his dinner, then I ate mine, we packed the monster up in the car and headed back to Falconhead.

  It was a big week of learning about traveling with a baby- something I think I will cover in another post.  But it was a great week of no plans, relaxing, and spending time with my family.  Decisions were not made too far in advance and we all enjoyed each other's company.

Always & Forever,


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My name is Sarah and I'm with Dwellable. I was looking for blog posts about the Outer Banks to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, drop me a line at Sarah(at)dwellable(dot)com.
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Oonafey said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! The haircut scene was, by dar, my favorite tidbit. That and the JEGs photo bomb. Hilarious.