Friday, November 6, 2009

Dressed to Impress

Shannon wanted wedding porn. So I'm giving it to her. Oh yeahhh...

Now that I've ordered my dress, it's time to start picking out bridesmaids dresses.

Ok, be honest: who cringed a little? I know the BM dresses are usually the WORST part of the wedding, but I am trying to not make it so painful. Although part of me would love to deck my ladies out in this:

Mostly because I know if given the chance Connie would do it to me. But I wouldn't do that to my cousins (Tara and Aileen, you're welcome).

Allie happened to be off today so before I headed to work we made an appointment at Country Bride and Gent (where I got my dress) to checkout their bridesmaid selection. We found the following from Jasmine's B2 collection that we really liked:

They would all be in the Cayman Blue (basically navy) and the girls could pick whichever one they wanted. They could all be different or two could wear the same, whatever they wanted. Allie loves the top one, and I think the middle one would look smashing on my maid of honor, Connie. But of course I forgot to check out the style numbers. Dummy me.
Anyway, we had some time so we popped over to the local David's Bridal and tried on some more dresses. I am in loooove with the Marine color there. We started off with the F12899 for Tara and Allie

..and Allie modeling it:

I liked it because it had the nice flowy chiffon that I think is so great for a summer wedding, but it still had sparkle on the straps. We are having a 5:00 wedding, so a little sparkle is a good thing.
If Connie wanted to go a little different (since she is the MOH) the F13128 was a strapless version that complimented it well

I loooove the bling. Love it.
We also looked into David Bridal's newer collection and tried the strapless 83312

can you tell Allie wants nothing to do with a strapless dress?
And the complimenting F13277...

I loved this dress on Allie. It made her body look slammin'. Buuut the dress is a cotton sateen, and we didn't know if it has enough SHAZAM for an evening wedding. Granted, in the darker colors it might look nicer, but we still felt kind ... meh... about it.

Finally we tried on the standard bridesmaid dress. This happens to be the 8355 with an added sash.
The leopard print bra strap really adds a je ne sais pas to the dress, doesn't it? :::wink:::
We would do the Marine, with a blue pastel sash across it.
We didn't decided on anything definitly yet. We have to wait of Tara to come home in December to make a final decision. But looking is fun!
Next up, Alfred Angleo. Love him. Love love love him.
Always & Forever,


Jodie said...

Ohh, how fun! I really like the strapless from David's (not so much in bright orange though) and the one right after it! So cute!!!

Danielle and Clint said...

Awww..I remember those days. It's hard to find one dress to fit every body perfectly. I love all the styles, though! Good choice!

Shannon said...

Ahhh thank you...bow chicka bow bow...

anyway, my BF's wedding in May, we wore David's Marine color, loved it. Use it! The dress was basically the same as F13277 but floor length.

Dude, I L.O.V.E. the last blue dress, the cotton sateen one. I kinda want it just to wear everywhere.

Tara said...

I really liked the second to the last one. The last one is definitely the one I wore in the wedding i was in in July, unfortunately mine is black. And I'm with Allie with the no strapless, I can never find strapless bras that do what they're supposed to.

LizzieBeth said...
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LizzieBeth said...
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