Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Petals and Pearls

Last weekend I was sick so JEGs [being the amazing fiance he is] stopped and picked up some flowers for me. I snipped the length down and put them in a small vase next to my deathbed.

There was a strand of pearls leftover from this outfit and I liked the romantic feel of the flowers, lace and pearls.

These different shades of purple are quickly becomine a favorite color combo of mine. I love the Sangria, with the Lilac and Violet. Pop in some dark blue and I think it's so modern and classy.

I confess, I would have loved to do this color combo for the wedding. I just love the jewel tones together and I think they would look great for an evening wedding at anytime of the year. However, JEGs is not all about his friends rocking purple, and I really really REALLY wanted tiger lillies, soooo that kind of killed it.

Maybe next time around (totally kidding!)



Ashley M. said...

Oh! That's such a pretty color combo! I was recently extremely sick too, and all my hubby got me were some tissues. :) They had aloe on them, so I guess they were nice!

Anonymous said...

What kind of flowers are those??? Sooo pretty!