Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Crying Out Loud

JEGs and I got a noise complaint the other day.
I cannot describe to you first off how pissed I am about this, and secondly, how hysterical that idea is to me.

The complaint said there was "loud booming music with a lot of bass" coming from our apartment in the afternoon until the evening. JEGs thinks the evening noise might be coming from his new XBOX game, but the afternoon noise is what is stumping me.

Granted, when I am on the night shift, I am home during the afternoon. But seriously people, it's not like I'm rockin' out hard core. When I am home, I am usually cleaning or doing stuff on the computer. On the off chance I do put the TV on, it's for The View or the noon news. Not exactly ear shattering entertainment.

I love Rick Williams and his sassy ties

According to the woman in the office, the person who complained said this has been going on for two weeks. I call shenanigans. JEGs has only had the XBOX game for a couple days, and I was on the day shift last week so there wasn't anyone home from 6 am till 5 pm.
My biggest issue is, if this was happening for two weeks, why didn't you just knock on our door and ask us to turn it down? Problem solved.
We have an idea of who may have complained, and we think it is the woman above us whose daughter uses their puppy as a yo-yo [read: there is something wrong with these people]. We aren't going to make a big deal about it, we shall just keep the volume a little lower to be on the safe side.

Although, I have to admitt I did fight back the urge to turn on Guitar Hero as loud as I possibly could today...

Always & Forever,


Your Daily Barista said...

that's insane! you must keep me posted on this issue. I must know about that mysterious afternoon noise.

let me know if the neighbors get bitchy and you want to start a noise war. we're in!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

How crazy... I wonder if they have you mixed up with someone else?!

JEGs said...

No it was us... The chick at the office said they were VERY sure of the apt number. THAT means that the person probably came down, stuck their ear to our door to confirm.

I take full blame for it. It was most certainly my game. It wasnt very loud, volume wise. But the constant low frequency "bass" was what she was complaining about. Thumping... I guess the $20 computer spearkers are doin work.

As for the afternoon sounds...the complaint said during the day and through the evening. Im guessing, judging by who it is, that there was an embelishment on both the amount of noise as well as times of occurance. Probably on the time frame that it was an issue too. I wont say anything more than that about the people...

Just wanted to clairfy that. I talked to the office, and let them know that we weren't aware of any disturbing noise, and we will try to be quieter. I bought headphones to play xbox with. If they complain now, they are absolutely hearing things.

Also...LB... The guitar hero picture is awesome! So THAT'S what you do while Im at work all day!!

Erin Schularick said...

Hey girl! Something similar happened to us when we were in the apt, except that we were the complaintants. For some reason, the noise from the apt below us seemed sooo loud that it was vibrating our floors. But, when we went downstairs to knock on their door, it wasn't that bad. They were watching a movie. A little loud, but nothing ridiculous. Not sure why it was so loud upstairs in our apt? Maybe a similar situation? Or maybe your neighbor is just a bitch :)