Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm not buying it...

I have a confession to make that may or maynot make all my design blogging friends shudder...

I freakin' hate Pottery Barn. It's like the JCrew of interior design. Ridiculously overpriced.

My girl Stephanie over at You Paid More Than Me posted this chandelier the other day

The Chalet Chandelier from Pottery Barn Teen. Price? $199.

Granted, it is on sale for $49.99, but to me, that looks like those builder-grade lights with a coat or two of spray paint. You know, those "fancy" chandeliers you had in your first apartment:

Yeah- that one.
This is where my DIY maven-ness kicks in to high gear. I found one on Craigslist for $20. Add that with a $4.00 can of spray paint and say hello to my friend Half-The-Cost and his sister No-Shipping.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Pottery Barn.
If anyone in my local area is dying for this, let me know. I'll do the grunt work, you pay for the supplies.
Always & Forever,


angela said...

i dig pottery barn look...but not the pottery barn prices.

i just scope out the website and DIY what i like.

saving enough money to spend on important designer bags! ;)


Shannon said...

YES! I cannot fathom why anyone would purchase anything from there. Ok, sometimes I can find something small and cute on clearance but that's a rarity. I know it's just for the name. Ohhhh, you like my slipcovered sofa that looks like Ikea's twin sister??? It's from Pottttttery Barn. Because I'm so fancy, I shop at Pottttttery Barn. Bullcrap. They're stuff is so basic anyway, you can always find it cheaper somewhere else. Case in point: chandalier.

Ashley M said...

agreed!!! i mean, of course pottery barn stuff is pretty (like j. crew). but who can afford it?!?!?! nice post :)

Freckles Chick said...

You made my day w/ this post. I don't get the PB prices either. The look? I think it's only "meh".

As for J. Crack, I love their stuff, not so much their $$$. Though I have the hardest time finding knockoffs of their clothes!