Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Day

I don't know if you heard, but the East Coast got an ass-whoppin' snow storm this past weekend. JEGs and I counted about a foot of snow, but my parents are looking at almost two feet!

We spent most of the day indoors- drinking coffee, doing laundry, wrapping presents, cleaning grout. We did venture out for a litte, and here are some shots we snapped on Saturday

directly across the parking lot

Our cars are starting to get covered

some kids sledding down the massive hill

Nanook of the North

He was walking backwards because the snow was stinging his face

taking refuge in the Family Dollar

picking out soup for dinner

My diva-esque Jeep, Sasha


First snow at Falconhead

I think it may be time to put these out to pasture

Falconhead with Christmas lights- and JEGs being a creeper

I think JEGs took this picture around 9pm. When we woke up the next morning we easily had a foot of snow. The weather chick reported Philadelphia got over 23 inches of snow- that's only 6 inches less then the Blizzard of '96. I know all you Philadelphians remember that Blizzard; the entire Tri-State area was shut down for like 2 weeks. I was in the 8th grade and when we finally went back to school all we did is write essays about how we spent our snowdays. You know those teachers were like "Eff this. We are so far behind. Just write an essay and I"ll pretend to read it."

I have to mention JEGs' new steering wheel for XBOX. He was chosen to test drive [ pun totally intended] this game wheel that a company is producing. It was shipped to us in about 234,389 boxes [or 3] and JEGs get to test it and write a review.

Problem: this thing does not come with a stand.
Solution: make a stand out of our breakfast bar chairs, an unused table leaf and my free weights.
Outcome: HOURS of fun. For both of us.

Here is me trying it out- before we added the bar stools
my kickass Mini Cooper
JEGs burnin' rubber with our final product
I'm not joking when I say we spent hours playing Forza 3- and I don't even like video games. But this thing makes it fun, plus we were stuck inside. What else did I have to do?

Here's hoping the snow sticks around for a white Christmas.

Always & Forevs.

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Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I hear you. Wish I dint have to go out this weekend. MD got what seems to be like 2 ft of it. So pretty from the inside.