Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Showers-- The Goods

I was holding off on posting pictures because I was really hoping my friends would post pictures on Facebook. Evidently they aren't going to anytime soon, so I'm left with my mother's pictures. I was reluctant to use her pictures because I swear her camera that has an "ugly" setting on her camera, similar to smile recognition on other cameras- it only takes the picture if you are making a weird face, or moving in an awkward position. Without further ado, a quick pictorial of my wedding shower:

I walk in and I'm all sorts of surprised

I forgot to mention something in my other posts... I knew I would be bummed if I was caught off guard and in a sloppy jeans and t-shirt (which I was), so once I realized the shower wasn't going to be on Saturday, that evening I took my dress, shoes and cardigan and gave them to my maid-of-honor, Constance. She was able to hand it off to me after the surprise, and I could change into my party dress. However, I didn't think to make my hair look cute, and instead it was pulled back into a sloppy librarian-bun!

My mom's friends, Miss Joycie, gave us a nice Pyrex dish and a casserole tote with handles. Seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Modeling a toaster like I'm Vanna White...
Some of the other goodies I got (but do not have pictures of) include :
Our dishes
A cake stand (I've always wanted one!)
A beautiful pair of candle sticks
A Punch Bowl (now I don't have to steal my sister-in-laws)
A Chip and Dip set along with a MultiServer Set
New glassware (which we desperately needed..I tend to break glasses A LOT)
A new shower curtain and other bathroom accessories
A shower radio- who doesn't love a little Bye Bye Bye while they are scrub-a-dub dubbin'??
A iHome alarm clock
as well as other kitchen tools such as a garlic press (which made JEGs super happy), measuring cups and a potato masher.
As a joke, JEGs registered for a bag of Twizzlers at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I am happy to say we now have about 3 pounds of Twizzlers at our apartment. Score.

Some other pictures to tickle your visual fancy...

Me with two of my bridesmaids Aileen, and Connie. My other bridesmaid, Tara, wasn't able to make the trip down from Pittsburg at the last minute. I missed her :(

Some of my friends from high school, Kathryn, myself, Connie and Jamie. I'm telling you, my mom's camera can be set for "horrid", as shown from Kathryn and myself in this picture... I promise, we are usually very good looking people.

and finally, two of my former Applebuddies, Meg (Connie's co-conspirator) and my Pocket Sized Diva, Sarah.

My shower was such a blast! While I opened presents, the guest played Bridal Bingo. Connie had her boyfriend Joey make up the bingo cards. As a joke he gave each card a "ball and chain" square. Connie didn't realize it was a joke, and she seriously thought I registered for a ball and chain. Wouldn't that be pretty sweet if I could? Or at least a bell collar so I know where JEGs is at all times. Hmm...

I digress. Each table was adorned with purple flowers (my favorite color) and all around the room were pictures of JEGs and I from the past 8 (almost 9) years. There was also a large board with picture of me from different years, and guest had to guess who old I was. I won't lie, some of those pictures I didn't even know how old I was!

Connie did a really great job, and I am so thankful to all my friends and family for being so generous! We got so many things off our registry, that JEGs was afraid we won't have enough options for our next shower.

Oh yeah, did I foget to mention that? Momma G is throwing us her own seperate shower. WEEE!!!

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks like it was a blast! I love that your friend brought you a dress. So sweet! Great gifts, too. ;)

Danielle and Clint said...

What a sweet surprise! And I must say, Vanna better watch out!

Shannon said...

Don't you hate waiting on pics? I am determined that when this baby is born people have to download them directly to my computer before leaving me. I digress.

Yay!!!!! Showers! of happiness! and small appliances!

#1 - My MIL gave me the pyrex with carrier at my shower too, it rules.
#2 - Cute outfit/flower thing
#3 - twizzlers....luccckkkky
#4 - I like pocket size friends. My bff is one.
#5 - Go add more twizzlers to your registry if there's not enough on it!!