Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Showers-- Part Two

When we last left in yesterdays post, Connie was planning my surprise bridal shower, but many obstacles got in the way!

I think I am having my lovely Applebuddies over on Sunday afternoon for wine and gossiping. I am uber excited. However, the declines start rolling in. Meg had called every attendee, and told them of the situation and that the Apples and Wine party was off. She then calls me up on Wednesday and says that she talked to a bunch of the girls and they either forgot, or had to pick up an extra shift, etc, etc, and wanted to know if I wanted to just do lunch with her and her mom (whom I love!) on Sunday instead. I am totally down with the idea. She also said that she was taking a class in Norristown on Sunday, so she would drive me if I wanted. A free ride? Totally.

Just so you don't think I'm completely oblivious, I did have a sneaking suspicion that my shower was that weekend. However, I thought it was going to be on Saturday! I spent all Saturday afternoon slowly getting dressed and waiting for JEGs to say something like " Hey, let's go out to lunch" or have my mom call up and say "Hey, the new furniture is here, can you stop by today to check it out." Something.. ANYTHING! I even put the dress and shoes I wanted to wear for my shower in a bag and made a big show of leaving it in the Great Room-- you know, so JEGs could grab it on the way out and throw it in the back of the Jeep.

When 3:30 rolled around and JEGs was not moving from the couch, I began to entertain the idea that maybe I was wrong and the shower was not this weekend. I was so bummed, that I decided the only logical idea was to drown my sorrows in 4 pints of Blue Moon on Saturday night.

Well hello beer hangover. Welcome to my body.

I spent most of Sunday morning trying to recover from my hangover with coffee. After I showered and dressed, I sat down on the couch and watched Can't Buy Me Love (aww.. a young McDreamy!) until Meg arrived. However, as I was waiting, the excessive amount of coffee I drank to rid me of my hangover started to kick in and I was as jittery as a heroin addict going through withdraw.

The entire way to Newtown my heart is racing and I can't sit still. We pull up to the Temperance House in Newtown and all I can think about is getting food to soak up all the caffeine that is pulsing through my veins! We walk in, and the hostess leads us to a room where the first thing I notice is my friend Kathy standing there. My first thought, " Why is Kathy here? " Slowly I saw Constance, then my Mom and it started to come together.

Now I'm excited and my heart starts to race even MORE. I think the first thing I said was "Oh my. I've had waaaay too much coffee for this!"

The whole party is a big blur to me, but what I do remember was awesome. Connie did an amazing job putting it together.

What to see more? Sorry friends, you're gonna have to tune in tomorrow to see the goods ;)

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

Nothin like a hungover bridey :)

Show us the goods!!!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Darn it. Where are the photos? ;)