Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zippity Oops Da!

Ok.. so the title is kinda lame. Whattiya gonna do?

Last week I was on a roll. I had printed out all the address on the invitations and I had started on the RSVP envelopes.

Seriously friends, I was a beast. I had two cups of coffee, I was just about a third of the way through my stack and it was only 9:30 am. Boo- YAHH!!
It was then I realized I had been printing the wrong zip code.

How did I manage this colossal mistake? Right now my oldest brother is saying it's because I'm blond (even though I'm totally a red head, dammit) but I blame the actual zip codes. My parents is 19047. My zip code is 19401. I had printed 20 envelopes with 19407. It could happen to anyone, right? (Please say yes and make me feel better...)
The ironic part is I was sooo anal about double triple checking the addresses when I did the invitation envelopes. I guess I just went into auto-pilot when I started the RSVP envelopes. I had ordered an extra- but only ten. I needed another ten just to come out even.

After a slightly frantic phone call to my mother, I quickly hopped on the website I ordered the invites from, Wedding Paper Divas, and used their awesome Live Chat service. I was able to speak to a representative via instant message, and order ten more envelopes for only $2.00

I got immediately got the email confirmation stating they were not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday, April 26th- however, they showed up on my door step on the 22nd! Hooray for speedy delivery!

I am happy to say that I have correctly printed all 75 envelopes and they are ready to go. Second time is a charm ;)

Lesson of the day: pay the eff attention to what you are doing. And Wedding Paper Divas ROCKS.



Nina said...

I'm so glad they sold you the envelopes for only $2! That's pretty cool. Don't worry, the zip mixed up could happen to anyone. I already see one coming for me, 60073 vs 00674...

Danielle and Clint said...

PHEW! I hate when I make tiny mistakes like that, that really make a huge difference! Glad it all worked out. By the way, I want to see what your invites look like!

Shannon said...

I do this constantly. I triple check things and miss something kinda obvious. And I approve of your font choice. Nice.