Friday, June 5, 2009

A Quickie

I'm going to keep this short since I posted twice yesterday.

It is rainy and cold today (the calendar says June, but Mother Nature didn't get that memo). Being the fabulous yet lazy diva I am, I decided to rock my weave today in lieu of doing my hair.

This is my hair normally (curled):

and now with the best $40 I ever spent:

The best part is my actual hair is doing this cute, finger waves in the front and around my bangs! I feel like such a 40's starlet. I want to put on a red satin gown and go to a club and drink martini's all night!

..but no. I'm stuck at work in my jeans and sweater. Guess I'll watch another Lifetime Original Movie.
Happy Friday everyone.
Always and Forever,

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