Thursday, August 20, 2009

OBX 09

Ok, so it took me a week and a half, but I am finally posting about my vacation to OBX. I tried my best not to have too many pictures, but what can I say- I'm a visual person. So sit back, grab a snack and enjoy my week of drinking, eating and swimming.

First, lets' start off with the cast of characters:

1. Me and JEGs. You know and love us by now.
2. Connie and Joey- my bestie and her boyfriend.
3. Bonnie and Andy- possibly the cutest married couple you will ever meet.
4. Tim and Lisa- got engaged in OBX two years ago, so this is a special place for them.
5. Mike and Lauren- JEGs best friend and secret lover (Mike, not Lauren). I'm teaching Lauren the way of "the beard".
6. Mandy and Evan- these two are hysterical and I love them.
7. Matt- Andy's brother and super nice guy. We had a moment in the hot tub. Then I broke up with him after he stopped feeding me cards during Rummy.

Alright now. Let's do this.

Saturday Aug 1.
I was on the night shift so I didn't get home still about midnight Friday night/Saturday morning. We had to be up at 4 am so I opted to stay up all night. Since everyone was coming from different places we all met up at the Christiana Mall in Delaware. After a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts, we were on our way
It was a 9 hour drive, and we sure saw some sites:

This is the result of being stuck on a bridge with no air conditioning.

Yes, that is a BBQ AND yardsale. Way to multi-task, Virginia!

All of our cars in line

Our house was rocking. Six bedrooms, 5 ½ baths, pool, hot tub, hammock- you name it we had it

As soon as we all pulled up and got our rooms situated, the drinking, swimming and debauchery began.

That's a lot of beer.. but there is water in there too!

Since I had only had a couple 45 minute naps in the car, I turned in early. It seems I missed a few events including Andy wearing the sofa cushion, and others dropping beer bottles into the pool.
Please make me a bird so I can fly far, far away...

beer in the pool

all the rage on the Paris runways..

Sunday Aug 2.
After waking up and battling the repercussions of the night before with coffee, we suited up and headed to the beach. After a couple dips in the ocean we buried Mandy

and Tim meandered down by the water with his book

Jesus walks with... a google towel

After a delish meal of Ham and Mac and Cheese we topped the night off with a heated game of TABOO- Girls Vs Boys. To tell the truth, I have no idea who won. Probably the girls- and if not, we should have won.

Monday Aug 3
I was not in a beachy mood so Connie, Joey, Lisa and I decided to explore a little while the others went to the beach. The four of us decided to check out the lighthouse. Here is a fun fact: it IS possible to get lost on one road, and Connie’s GPS will do it. There is literally ONE road (Highway 12) that runs the length of the island and we went 10 miles out of our way because the GPS found the wrong “Lighthouse Rd”. Thumbs down to Garmin. But after asking for directions (which included, “Turn around and go 10 miles the other way”) we finally made it.

Anyway, as we are walking around there are some nasty storms looming in the background and while we were touring the Light Masters Home, the rain came pouring down

Lisa and I waiting out the rain

After dinner all 15 of us tried to play Rummy. After we realized that wasn’t going to work we decided to do tournaments to 250. The other group got bored around 100 and stopped. My group was in it to win it- or kill each other. Whichever came first. Evan threatened Connie’s life over the 10 of diamonds, Matt stopped feeding me cards so I broke up with him, and Lisa refused to pick up the Queens. Good time was had by all
Billy Jean's not my lover...

Tuesday Aug 4
Originally we were going to go jet skiing on Tuesday, but at $65 for a half hour and only two actual jet skis, we all agreed that $9 per hour kayaking was the way to go. Just a short ferry ride and we were in Ocracoke

We started in this little inlet that lead out to the sound. There was a little island off in the distance and Evan decided to go all Jack-Shepard-we’ve-got-to-go-back-Kate on us and took off for the island. Mandy and JEGs tried to keep up, but eventually turned back when the rest of us realized our time was almost up. About 20 mintues after we were out of our boats, paid and on our way to the restaurant for lunch, Mr. Evan showed up. Turns out you weren’t allowed to walk on the island because it was a nature preserve. Bummer.

We headed over to The Jolly Roger (or the Jolly Rancher as I kept calling it) for some beers and food. This is the establishment that I shall forever remember as the place I discovered Hush Puppies. Mmmmm. So doughy. So fried. Soooo good.

After we got back, we headed to the beach and, inevitably Andy’s trunks are gonna come off in the ocean

Wednesday Aug 5
A bunch of people decided to try another location for jet skiing, but JEGs and I opted to stay back that the house. When they all returned, we did the usual beach, beer and dinner at home.
However, after dinner we filled up some canteens with alcohol, stocked up on firewood and headed to the beach for a bonfire. It was a great night of quite time shared with your other half, passing around some spirits and a couple people strumming on guitars

Thursday Aug6
It’s FlapJack Thursday! And what’s FlapJack Thursday without pancakes shaped like a penis??

When we got back from the beach we realized no one had a key to the house except Connie and Joe- who went hang gliding that day. We were all locked out of the house. Well, Evan climbed up the decks in the back to one of the bedrooms and ran downstairs to unlock the door for us. That earned him the Chuck Norris Award for the day

I didn't get a picture of him climbing, but he had to climb up to the second balcony.

After dinner was the official OBX Peer Bong Tournament and I was paired up with Bonnie. Our first competitors: JEGs and Joey. Outcome: We killed them

However, during round two we were taken out by Team Mike and Lauren, who ended up winning the Tournament. Since I was knocked out and looking for something to do, Connie and I created crowns for the winners

Don’t they look great? You two better remember to bring them next year!

Friday Aug 7
*sigh* Our last full day was spent on the beach in the beautiful, crystal clear water

Connie and Joe had brought two kites with them to fly at the beach. Connie’s was a simple butterfly design, but Joe decided to purchase a Millenium Falcon replica that needed a team of engineers to assemble.
The kicker of it all?
Neither of those kites would fly. And I’ll tell you, we tried our hardest to get those suckers in the air

That night, instead of cooking dinner, we all got a little sassed up and headed out to a restaurant for dinner. The boys: Joey, Matt, Tim, Andy, JEGs, Evan, Mike
The sexy ladies: Lisa, Me, Bonnie, Mandy, Connie, Lauren
At dinner we had the best waitress, and an unexpected guest

This is Harold. He was in one of Connie's muscles.
After dinner we came home and went on a mission to finish all leftover alcohol. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Saturday Aug 8
We packed up and headed home with heavy hearts and happy memories. We have to do this again next year…

A couple things that I need to add as a post script:
I can’t talk about this week without mentioning the mosquitoes! O.M.G. You had to RUN to your car, get in as fast as you could so you wouldn’t end up with a swarm of them in the car (which you did anyway). On the first night JEGs counted 46 bug bites on his left leg between his ankle and knee. JUST HIS LEFT LEG.

Connie brought Press and Seal with her and swore by it. JEGs decided to test it’s wonderfulness by making a bag of water. It worked- until we played hot potato with it. Then Matt got wet

This week was also the birth of the “Ocean Beer”. The object? Drink a beer in the ocean without spilling it. I know, we are champions.

Overall it was just a wonderful week. I could not have asked for a better group of people to share it with, and I CAN.NOT.WAIT till next year.

..and the best part? I got to spend the whole week with this guy

Always & Forever,


Bonnie said...

I LOVED reliving each day of the vacation, well done my dear! Nice use of pictures as well! :)

Shannon said...

Dude, it looks like so much fun! My favorite parts about your trip include:
-dude climbing up to the balcony...really?
-hushpuppies!!! why our our lives parallel right now?
-The box wine armrest on the it. greaatest invention ever.