Friday, May 15, 2009

ice. custard. happiness.

First off, I would like to say... thank GOD it is Friday. This was the longest week ever. Ever. Why is it when you are excited for something, it takes forever to get here? Even though my week was packed with cheerleading, birthdays, general fabulousness (that takes up a lot of time), work and moving, this week crawled by. Ugh.

Anywho, I got the honor of working with my dear friend Zacariah, aka 'Puddin Pop', today! It's always fun to change shifts and work with new people. On our way out to a scene today I popped on my iPod and we rocked out to a couple songs like "Krazy" by Pitbull, "Hammer time" by MC Hammer, "Faith" by Limp Bizkit and "Mary Moon" by Crash Test Dummies. There was even dancing- or as much dancing as you can do sitting down and strapped in with a 5 point harness.

Zac is not originally from this area- he's from Denver. Although he's been living in the Philadelphia are for almost 3 years now, he still hasn't experiences ALL things Philly. Today I decided to introduce him to wooder ice.

"Wooder ice?" you ask. Oh yes. wooder ice.

Now I don't have a Philadelphia accent, but this is the only time I will pronounce water as wooder. Because, as an iconic peice of Philadelphia cuisine, it deserves to be pronounce wooder.

For those who don't know what wooder ice is, it's kinda like a Sno-Cone, but more slushy. They come in delicious flavors like mango, root beer, and strawberry margaritas et al. They also serve gelatis, which is wooder ice, a layer of soft serve ice cream , another layer of wooder ice and topped off with another dollop of ice cream. Yum.

So here is Zac enjoying his very first Rita's.

and in case anyone is wondering, I got him mango- the best flavor, of course.

Always and Forever,

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Tara said...

Not to quibble but I think the "Mary Moon" song you have there is really "New Age Girl" by Deadeye Dick, it's on the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack. I know this because I was banned from listening to this song in middle school by my mom because of the line "She don't eat meat but she sure like the bone." Even though I had no idea what bone referred to at that point in my life.