Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer lovin'...

The spray tanning was.... well it was not a success. So instead I'm posting my ode to summer that I wrote in April 2006.

I am itching for it to be summertime.
I want to go to the shore house.
I want to walk the 3 blocks to the beach.
I want to fry my Irish skin to a crisp.
I want to go swimming and loose my top in the water.
I want to sleep in a sandy bed and watch TV on a sandy couch.
I want to have dinner from the grill on paper plates and then walk up to Aunt Ollie's for ice cream.
I want to watch the sunset on the back porch while drinking margaritas with my family.
I want to stay up until 1 am and have my ass kicked in a cut throat game of Rummy.
I want to spend Friday night planning out the yardsale route with my mom, and then get up at the ball crack of down to execute our finely tuned plan.
I want to spend the day at Bay Village, wondering the shops and not buy a damned thing (well, maybe some fudge ;-)
Most of all, I want to visit my one true love, Old Barney. I miss him.
I can't wait.

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