Tuesday, May 19, 2009

leftovers= masterpiece

Well, I am offically moved OUT of the storage unit in Langhorne! I wouldn't say I am moved into the a.p.t. yet, because I have to wait till JEGs moves in at the end of the month. But my stuff is no longer sitting in a storage unit growing mold. Ew.

So in honor of my big move, I am making some art for the boudoir. Originally I wanted to create a headboard, but after a lot of thought I decided it was a lot of work and a lot of money that I just did not want to waste. JEGS and I will be purchasing new bedroom furnature in the (hopefully) near future. We are using his bed which has a very very low headboard, so in leu of a headboard I decided I wanted some art to hang over the bed to resemble a headboard.

Once upon a time when I lived with my friend JD, we decided to make art for our living room. I purchased three canvas and we went to town, ending up with this masterpiece you can kinda see in the background of this picture:

Italic Yeah... not really going to work in the boudoir . Maybe in a bedroom, but not a boudoir. .

After painting the a.p.t we had some leftover paint so I went to work. I started by painting the whole canvas Valspar Jekyll Club Cherokee Tan that was leftover from our great room.

(Yes, I was totally watching Design on a Dime while working, hehe)
Then... I was stuck. I had three canvases that I was sure I wanted to do one big scene that stretched across all three. I was originally going to do circles, but the bedspread has squares on it and I didn't want to make it too busy....so squares it is! I used Valspars Lighthouse Shadows that is the color of the bedroom walls:

The top right hand corner was looking bare so I added another part of a square:

I wanted to add an accent color, just for a little punch of color, so I attacked my mom's library of left over paint. I added some more squares in Benjamin Moore's Georgian Green leftover from my dad's man-cave.

I really love it so far, but I feel like I might want to add just one more color. Maybe a darker brown to warm it up. We'll see.
Stay tuned for tomorrow, I'm trying a new self-tanner!!
Always & Forever,

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Erin & Dustin Schularick said...

From the kindergarten teacher...those are rectangles, not squares! hehe They look so cool. Come do some art for my baby room!