Monday, May 25, 2009

Pour la visage...

I love make up. I wear a lot of it. Everyday. Rarely will I leave the house with out a full face on.

Now that I've become a master at gotten the self-tanning under control, I have a whole new make up regiment.

This is what I wear during the winter:

Starting from the left we start with my bright pink blush (I need color in those "winter white" cheeks of mine), shimmer for the corner of my eyes and under my eyebrows, eyeshadow, foundation, conceler, two brushes, mascara, liquid liner, chapstick and lip gloss.

Now that it's summer, its a slimmer set of tools:

A lighter blush (to give me that "flushed look"), I use eyeshadow as a liner, conceler, brushes, mascara, lipstick and a lighter lip gloss.
and there you have it. All my secrets are out there.
Always and Forever,

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