Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lovin' on my Momma

Ever have one of those days? The kind where your boss calls you and wakes you up 10 minutes after you were supposed to be at work??

Yeah, I'm having one of those days.

Let me quickly tell you about my nightly routine when I'm on the day shift. Depending on what day it is I plop my ass on the couch and watch my nightly TV show. At 10 pm I head to the kitchen to pack my breakfast and lunch for the next day. I take a small cup of milk, say my good nights and head up the 'ole wooden hill. Take my medicine, brush my teeth, wash my face, set out my clothes for the next day and set my alarm. Then I call JEGs and settle in for sleep. I'm like clockwork.

None of this happened last night.

I started off the night like usual- snuggled up on the couch with ice cream and a new episode of NCIS ( I love me some Tony Dinozzo). About half way through I started getting tired so I layed my head down and the next thing I knew, Mommacita was saying 'why don't you go to bed, Liz?'
Holy crap... when it become 9:05???

So I went upstairs with the intention of doing my normal routine and just making my breakfast and whatnot in the morning. But for some stupid reason I got in bed first.


...and then my phone was ringing. I thought to myself "what the...??" and I saw on the caller ID was the office. And then I saw the time. Oh shit.

I soared out of bed throwing on the first items of clothing I could find, grab my toothbrush and jetted. As I was running down the stairs I realized I never packed anything for myself to eat. Double shit! Ok, I'll just throw something in a bag and deal with it later.

When I got in the kitchen I saw a note saying:
"Liz, I packed you some cereal and a small salad. I hope that is ok. Love Mom"


So thank you Momma for taking care of your little girl- again. <3

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Erin & Dustin Schularick said...

Momma are quite extrordinary things! Your story makes me miss my mom!