Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous October

This most fabulous things about October are as follows:
candy corn
changing leaves
pumpkin spice lattes
Go Phillies!
halloween costumes
spiced apple wine
cuddling up with someone you love on a cold night.

Finally, today is my oldest brother's 41st birthday.
Happy birthday to my "favorite" brother, Fussell.

(I am so dead for posting this picture.)

Always & Forever,


JEGs said...

Hmm...fabulous things in October. No mention of a certain BIRTHDAY...?!? :(

Jenny said...

I agree with probably 95% of your list.. lol Here's mine (stolen from yours!):

candy corn
babies (don't know if this is necessarily October, but I like it anyway!)
changing leaves
pumpkin spice lattes
halloween costumes
apple cider
decorations! (like the bat lamp idea from Younghouselove)

Jodie said...

Haha! Is that you in the picture??? Great hair on both of you!

Shannon said...

hahaha, you haven't aged! Love the bangs, love your brother's mullet. That, my friend, is blackmail for life.

I miss October already. I love it to pieces.