Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adventures in dress fitting.

Last Thursday I got the best phone call in the world: my wedding dress was in.

First off, I have to say I was SHOCKED that it came in this early... I just ordered it in October and they told me it wouldn't be until March or April. But the women at Country Bride and Gent informed me that it was a slow time and sometimes things get done faster.

The dress was even more beautiful then I imagined it! It was clean and new, the beading wasn't falling off and the chiffon wasn't torn [like that poor sample]. As I was looking at it in the dressing room, the song we plan on dancing to as our first dance just happened to come on over the radio and the tears started streaming down!

Anyway, after I composed myself, the sales girl helped me into the dress and started to zip me up. She got to about my bra strap and couldn't zip it anymore.

Umm.. WTF?

Now when we ordered the dress we decided to go with a 10 to accomidate my ta-tas. The sample, which was an 8, fit me everywhere except in the boob area- but we could still get it zipped. This dress- "MY" dress- we couldn't even get zipped.

The sales girl called over the manager, Sue, and told her about the situation. After swearing I hadn't put on weight or getting my period, I said, "The sample fits. I understand that it may have stretched from so many people trying it on, but it fits. Do you want me to try it on to show you?" The manager agreed.

So we try on the sample and zip it up with no problems. And then we try on "my" dress again. And then the sample again. And 'my" dress again. Meanwhile my poor mother is sitting outside the dressing room with no clue what is taking so long.

As I was walking out to show my mom, I noticed how short the hem was. We had to custom order my hem because of the lace at the bottom. Although I don't have my shoes yet, I have an idea of what I want, and I know what height I will be using. When I got measured the first time, I made sure I wore a certian height shoe so we would get the correct length. In only my stocking feet, the hem was just barely brushing the floor. My fiance is 6'4, I will be wearing very tall heels, so there is no way that hem was going to work!

After checking my measurements and the manufacture's measurements we decided that there was no possible way this is the dress I ordered. Sue called the manufacturer [Alfred Angelo] and they said they had another 10 in their shop, and they must have sent out the wrong one.

I'm not upset about the mix up, mostly because it's only December so we still have plenty of time, but it does make me a little apprehensive about ordering bridesmaids dresses from Alfred Angelo. If they mixed up a custom wedding dress during their slow season, what are they going to do with 100s of bridesmaids dressed during their busy season?

Always & Forever,


Danielle and Clint said...

Ugh...I know all about this. I had a nightmare of a time with my dress. My chest is much larger than the sample I tried on. So they ordered a custom top to the dress for an extra $400. It still did not fit! We measured and re measured. They sent it back. My dress comes in again, now the V neck is too low and my bra was showing, BIG time. Well this was weeks before my big day. I was in tears. So, I had to wear it, but they refunded all the alterations to me. You are lucky the problem is getting handled now.

As for bridesmaid dresses, I got mine from Ann Taylor off the rack. All my girls went and tried them on and got them right away. AND they were way cheaper, but looked amazing. Good luck!!

Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker said...

Wow! What an adventure that must have been. Sounds like they just got it plain wrong. Can't wait for the happy post when they get it corrected :) Weddings are so much fun!!!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I remember the overwhelming feeling of joy when I tried my dress. My second oldest sister was with me and I just couldn't stop crying I was so happy. I felt a little hesitant about the ordering of the dress 'cause I heard horror stories; but mine had no problems. I'm sure they are going to correct this and that you would look beautiful in always.

Erin Schularick said...

I'm so glad it came in so early so these problems could be solved. I don't know why dress shops tell you it takes such a long time to get wedding dresses in. I don't know anyone who waited that 6 month time they always tell you (unless maybe you get your dress at Kleinfeld's or something). I can't wait to see it! I'm sure it will all be fine and you will be an amazingly beautiful bride!
PS. I have a total picture in my mind of you in your dress...I guess I am just imagining what I think you picked :)

Russ said...

I know it sucks but at least you have a lot of time. Remember Angie's dress debacle. We had about 4 weeks to fix that mess.

Jodie said...

Oh man, Lizzie... I'm so sorry for the mix up, but you're right. At least you have time and it's not down to the wire with the wedding date. Thank goodness for that and for Alfred Angelo having only mixed up. Chances are you'll be fine with your bridesmaid dresses and this was just a fluke. Good luck and keep us posted when you do get "the" dress.