Monday, December 21, 2009

Setting the Record Straight

During the holiday season my radio dial is pretty much stuck on the 24 hour Christmas station, B101.1. I love me some holiday jams.

However, I'm having an issue with one particular Christmas song: Frosty the Snowman.

Don't get me wrong, there are other songs that drive me crazy. If I have to hear that damn "Christmas Shoes" song again, I WILL rip my radio out and throw it into oncoming traffic. No joke. But Frosty drives me crazy because I think I am hearing two different endings.

So here is my question: The last words that Frosty says before all that thumpity thump-thump madness is either

A. "I'll be back again some day"
B. "I'll be back on Christmas Day."

I want to know what day Frosty is going to be back. Because if it's Christmas Day I need to know if I should set another place at the table. If it's just any old day, well Frosty, I can't promise I'll be home. That's why I need the offical R.S.V.P.

Help me out, friends.

Always & Forever,


Russ said...

Well, if you go to, you will see it's "some day"

bethany said...

Reading this post, I was wildly stumped, and shook to the core realizing that I, too, was so unsure of these Frosty lyrics!

So, I turned to my dear friend, Google. According to the first three Frosty the Snowman lyrics is "back again someday".

Don't worry about setting an extra spot...apparently Frosty is too cool to let us know his time of arrival. Whatevs, Frosty. Guess you won't be getting any Christmas dinner lovin' from me. :)

Danielle and Clint said...

I actually listen to Christmas music nonstop at this time also. It is on my work radio right now. At the end of the song, I hear Christmas Day. lol.

I have to agree with you about the Christmas Shoes song! That song makes me want to puke!

My favorite is Elivs's, Here Comes Santa Claus". Makes me wanna dance!

Ashley said...

i think it's "i'll be back again someday" . . . but i never really thought about it. hmm!!!

yay! x-mas is this week!

Shannon said...

What? What's wrong with Christmas Shoes? They're just her size!

Ugghh, speaking of B101, have you noticed that they just keep playing the same songs over and over again? Doesn't stop me from listening constantly but I shake my fist at them nonetheless.

Oh and another terrible song, the one where the old man is pretty much talking...I think it's about a soldier? I'm not positive b/c I never listen long enough to get the gist. Terrible song. It's not even a song! It's talking!

bethany said...

I know already yapped about this post, but I have to leave a second comment: the worst Christmas song award seriously goes to the song with something about sharing a cup of Christmas tea. Bllllaaaaarg. It's AWFUL. The other day I was traveling with a few friends and it came on, and simultaneously we all groaned and shut the radio off.

Some songs are just a little toooo Christmas-far-fetched.

Merry Christmas to you, too, LB! :) I hope it's so very happy and that you get every single last item on your wishlist! :)