Thursday, December 31, 2009

The First... LEON??

I have this bizzare habit that only happens around Christmastime.

My mother has these statuettes of angels and each is holding a letter to spell out the word NOEL. Ever since I was little, I have changed around the words to spell LEON

It drives my mother crazy- which makes me want to do it more. As the years pass it has become a game between my oldest brother and I to change the letters around and see how long it takes for her to notice.

Well this season, she decided to beat us at our own game. I walked into her house on Christmas Day, and what did I notice? THIS!!:

She beat us to the punch.
Mom: 1. Kids: 0.
Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

ha! that's awesome Mom. My aunt married a guy whose last name is Noel. Guess what his first name is? Hint, somebody's mama loved her palindromes!

Celia said...

haha this is amazing! :)

Erin said...