Thursday, July 30, 2009

Color My World: Melon of Troy

I love to paint my nails. Rarely will you ever see me without polish on my nails. I have a shoebox sized tupperware container of my nail polishes. Most I have bought, other given to me. Some I "borrowed" from my mom and never gave them back (sorry Momma). I have staple colors that I like to use, mostly from O.P.I. Looooove O.P.I. Not only do they have fun colors, but, woooo, those names! During the winter I rock out with "I'm Not Really a Waitress" or "Lincoln Park at Midnight". The fall usually has me showing that I'm "Smokin' in Havana". When it comes to my summer color, I have been a loyal "Melon of Troy" wearer for at least 3 years. This past May I finally had to retire my bottle because I couldn't scrape anymore out. (Side note: that was the first time I've ever actually seen an empty nail polish bottle. Normally I just throw them out when they get all goopy.)

Anyway, I was in Target yesterday stocking up on last minute needs for our OBX vacation, when I decided to meander through the cosmetics aisle.

I say that like I stumbled upon the cosmetics aisle and was all "Oh my... what do we have here?" Let's be honest- I grabbed my basket and made a bee line towards the L'Oreal and Maybelline. I don't flirt when it comes to Target. I'm direct.

Moving on...

I took my last polish off on Tueday but hadn't decided on what I wanted to put on next. I wanted to get a new, fun color to wear to OBX - I was thinking hot pink. Something that just screamed Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. However, when I made it to the O.P.I section I noticed something. There, standing by itself, was one bottle left of "Melon of Troy".

Oh happy day!

I didn't even think twice about dropping that little bottle of happiness in my basket. As soon as I got into work today I painted my nails, and I'm a much happier person.

Isn't it pretty??? I even painted my tootsies:

So how about you ladies? Any fav polish that makes you feel a little sassier??

Always and Forever,


Your Daily Barista said...

I didn't know Target sold OPI. I am also a fan of Essie. Sometimes I think Essie lasts longer on my nails. Then again I am super rough on a manicure. They never last longer than 5 days.

Anywhoo, have heard/seen OPI's Matte finish nail polish. I am very intrigued, but longevity is nil and you can't use hand cream while it's on.

Check out All Lacquered Up (I may have sent you this link before).

LizzieBeth said...

Ooo. Love that website. Totally stalking the site now.

I did see the Mattes, and I have to say I'm not sure if I am ready to commit to a full bottle yet. You know me- I love shiney things. I think matte would drive me crazy. If you test it, let's blog it ;)


Tara said...

Sorry I've never read your blog before, but
1. I love I'm not really a waitress
2. I found this one over the summer called Ocean Love Potion which I loved for pedicures during the summer
3. I have a pink that's called It's All About Me that I love love love
4. Didn't know that Target has OPI but that's very exciting, although there's a Sephora two blocks from my house which I love