Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Reasons Why I Love Target.

Well I love Target for a lot of reasons so let's just call these reasons #758 and #759:

See these two shoes? The one of the left was purchased at Target a couple weeks ago for $12.99 (now on sale for $11.04).

The one on the right I found yesterday in a department store for $45. Can you tell me the difference? (other then the fact mine is dirty- it was raining out).

The second reason? I have a new hat:

Yes, I know, it is amazing. How much you ask? $3.74. Oh hell yeah.

That burning feeling in your chest?? That's jealousy you don't have this hat. Just deal with it.

Always & Forever,

1 comment:

Erin Schularick said...

I want you to know that you literally crack me up when I read your blogs. You are a very talented writer Amy! Did you miss your calling??