Monday, July 27, 2009

Complete and Utter Randomness.

JEGs and I went down the Jersey shore for the weekend, and I've decided to share the totally random pictures.

To begin with, my good ole Irish skin didn't let me down. I was burned to a crisp. Here I am with an umbrella my mother forced upon me to shelter me from the sun. Also note the long sleeved cover up and towel covering my legs:

Keeping with tradition, my mother and I headed out early Saturday morning searching for yard sales. I got a couple good deals:

cute silver necklace: $.25

Isaac Mizrahi shirt (never worn): $.50
American Eagle skirt (never worn): free
J.Crew pants: $2.00

crystal goblets: $.50 for 5

I also grabbed a paperback version of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (OBX reading) and Angels and Demons for JEGs.
Total cost of yard saling: $4.00
Woot woot.
Also snapped this picture over the weekend:
There is something about a bathing suit and towel hanging on the line that takes me back to my childhood. *sigh*
Something else that takes me back to my childhood? My dad totally passed out on the beach:

"One of these days the seagulls are going to get him"- My Mom
Now I know that hat he is wearing caught you eye. That hat is rather in famous in our family. My dad fastens his beach tag to his hat and never takes it off. I think they go as far back as 1992. I think when the Beach Patrol comes around to check his tag they get a little overwhelmed. They ask everyone else for their tag and when they get to my dad they just stare for a minute and then stumble away in a fog of confusion.
The kicker of it all? As a senior citizen, my dad doesn't even need a tag anymore. hehehe.
Anywho, I meandered around some of the shops along the main drag and came across some great little finds. This first is this capriz chandelier:
Wouldn't that look adorable in a sunroom or guest room? I'm in love. And, it was only $80. Swooon.

I also found this adorable frame:

I find these purple seashells all over the place and I love them. I was totally loving on that frame!!

On Saturday there was a car show that JEGs and I stopped by too. This guy had a Challenger (or a Charger, I don't remember) on display and he included every model he could find, in size order:

I saw the coolest Mustang ever. JEGs has promised me he is going to build me a 1966 Mustang when we have a house. Originally I wanted it a deep red, but if this owner wants to give this beautiful orange one, who am I to say no??
One of the best parts of being down the shore?
My mother had the cocktails and snacks ready as soon as we got home from the beach. On Saturday she had made a peach sangria with fruit in it. Once we had finished the beverage (with my Aunt Becky's help) there was left over fruit. My mom popped it in the freezer and on Sunday afternoon we added it to our Verdi in leu of ice cubes:
They kept the drink cold without watering it down. So smart. So tasty. Yummmmy.
Well, if you've made it this far, I thank you for making it through my totally random post. I promise tomorrow things will be a little more organized.
Always & Forever,


Erin Schularick said...

I LOVE Verdi :) Even though I can't drink it for a while :(

Shannon said...

How come the yard sales I go to never have cute clothes? Meh.

Your dad? Hysterical. and Awesome.

Capiz chandalier that wouldn't fit into my house in any way? WANT.

You and I are meant to be LB, first the sangria, then the Verdi. Let's just get drunk together. Ha.

Tara said...

OMG total random thought, when I get my driver's license and money for a car, do yo think I could pay Justin to help me fix up an El Camino??

kerith said...

So I am really late on commenting here, but seeing as how we just found eachother again...u'll forgive me right?
I absolutley love love love it! I demand that any time you r at the shore house u post every pic possible! I am totally jealous I don't live close enough any more to just hope in the car and go! :( the last time I was there, u're mom drank with me, but I had kicked my mom and grams out of the upstairs, (I took friends down) lol!