Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fashion: HALT- er

As I mention in my last fashion post I have some big knockers. I am a small 5'2 chick with DD boobs.

As you can imagine, this makes life a little diffcult when it comes to swimsuit season. I love to wear bikinis, but I hate hate HATE halter tops. The weight of my boobs around my neck hurts, and if I'm wearing it for hours on end, it starts to give me a headache.

This makes my life a little more difficult. I don't have the luxury of going into Target and just picking something in a color I like. Most of those tops won't even fully cover these suckers. I look like a porn star.

I've got two weeks till OBX and I am on a mission to find a bikini that is NOT a halter. Any ideas?

..and if anyone suggests one of those bandeau tops, I'm going to laugh in your face.

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Your Daily Barista said...

Like you, my boobies are far too heavy for long wear halter tops (however, they are real and they look spectacular in them). I bought a cute tankini top that has a demi cup built in. It has a great 1950's look (black with white polka dots and fire engine red straps). the only problem is that the straps are wide (like and inch and a half.) I don't mind but they will give you a major tan line. And again because of the jumbo jumblies that i have, i had to buy it at what i call "the big girl store" Torrid. i can't buy any tops, bras, or bathing suits in normal (cheap) places like Target and Old Navy. Anyway it's great though, it's really flattering and comfortable.

I think this is it...but i don't remember it having that red thing keeping the girlies separate (but equal). I bought it in the Spring. It looks really cute on, i was surprised actually.