Monday, July 6, 2009

Dub. Tee. Eff. ???

Normally I'm all like "Ikea, I totally heart you, let's make out." I still am, but I was a little vexed when I saw this:

Flower plate for coffee table- $40. Yowza. I don't think I want it that bad.
So I meander over to Target and find this:

Hello Half-the-Price. $19.99.

Sorry Ikea.


Lori B said...

lol, I actually have that Ikea flower dish. It's about an hour drive for me to the closest Ikea and after walking past it during a few trips I finally had to have it! I think I only paid $30 for it so maybe it's gone up since then?

Shannon said...

I've eyed that Target piece only about 8 bazillion times and refuse to pay $19.99. I'm not sure why I get all cheapskate at Target of all places...but as soon as they slap one of little red clearance stickers on it, I'm all over it. They could mark it down to 19.09 and that somehow legitimizes my need to buy it on sale!

LizzieBeth said...

LOL Shannon I'm the same way. 10% off?? SOLD.
I don't know if your remember those wire Eiffel Towers they had months ago but I refused to pay $19.99 for it. I went back and saw it on sale for $17.58 or something like that and I snatched it up so fast it never saw it coming ;) That $1.40something meant all the world to me.