Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Must-Haves..

As the summer meanders along, I've noticed there are certian things that have become essential to my every day:
1. White Pants- White pants, white shorts, white skirts-- if it is white, it is going on my bottom half. I figure I've only got three months to rock it, I'm going to go all in. Plus I love pairing white with summers saucy shades of blue, green and pinks!

2. Secret Clinical Strength- Psstt.. I've got a secret. I sweat like a hooker in church. Will you still be my blog follower friend? My secret weapon is Secrets Clinical Strength keeps me high and dry. And the fresh scent keeps me smelling oh so sweet!

3. Flip Flops- Oooh flip flops, how do I love thee- let me count the ways! I love that I can throw them on quickly and I picked up a silver pair for ..wait for it.. FREE from NY&Co with a coupon! With sparkily silver on my feet, I don't feel like I need to wear as much jewelery!

4. Aveeno Lotion- I love this stuff for two reason: the first being it helps to even out the your skin tone (read less foundation) and number two being there is an SPF 15 in the lotion! With my job I can be in direct sun a lot so I need something to protect the money maker!

5. Tank Tops- So easy, it's almost cheating! I can throw two on over each other paired with some white pants and my fab silver flip flops and I'm ready to go.

6. Vera Bradley wristlet- Normally I'm not a huge fan of Vera Bradley. Her bags are a little more 'soccer mom' and less 'diva'. However a wristlet is sooo convient for the weekend-errund-running or - better yet- yard sale hunting down the shore. I holds the essentials- phone, camera, keys, ID and moola. And I just can't resist the Java Blue print... it matches my tank tops perfectly!!

7. Stainless Steel Canteen- with temps hitting over 100 degress in the chopper I need to stay hydrated. I love the stainless steel. I've been trying to stray away from plastic bottles because I've heard bad things about them. So I've upgraded to stainless steel and a Brita pitcher at work! The container keeps my high quality H2O super chilly and I can hold about a bottle and a half worth of water!

..and the number 8 summer-must-have?
A super hot boyfriend.
Check ;-)

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Shannon said...

woot! summer staples!

1. You can rest assured we won't be showing up anywhere wearing the same thing because white pants on my lower half is an abomination.

2. Not only will I be your friend, I'll be the Kit to your Vivian (is it too late to still be making Pretty Woman references?). I've been using Certain Dri but I'd like to smell less nasty too so I may make the switch.

3. Amen

4. What's your job???? Luckily the fluorescent lights from my office don't do any real skin damage besides making me look sickly.

5. Yes!

6. I just replaced my sole Vera Bradley item (small wallet) with my newer, prettier one from Greece

7. Chopper? Are you in the A-Team?!?